USC v ASU: Trojans Crush The Sun Devils

From the beginning of this game, you could see the difference in speed. The
Men of Troy came out on the first drive with John David Booty spreading
the ball around, 5 receivers in the first 5 passes. The opening drive
was almost mechanical: 1:47 51 yards.

Final: SC 44 ASU 24

The Sun Devils score on special teams.

The great Stanley Havili scores for SC.

The game is very evenly matched at the end of the first quarter.

The refs have been calling some bad penalties against the Trojans, the first against Ellis and the second against Maualuga.

Fred Davis continues to have outstanding yards after the catch. In the second half, the Trojans go for it on 4th and Davis takes it in for a TD, and SoCal puts up the 27th unanswered point.

Freshman Ronald Johnson makes a great move to score (though not called a TD by the refs) before halftime.

The Trojans smash the Devils (and Carpenter) in the face to start the 2nd half. Jackson and Maualuga crush Carpenter.

Joe McKnight shows why he is so hyped.

The Trojans are demoralizing ASt in the second half. Final SC 44 – ASU 24.

SC has 265 yards-after-catch.

There is no doubt that Erickson has this A State program going in the right direction. They will be a power in the Pac10.

Note: The crew calling this game is atrocious. The-not-very-good part of the Pony Express will not shut his suck about “your dauber in the dirt.” What a tool. They are acting as though they are drunk. Also, the crew officiating this game could not be slower in making their calls.

yojoe Fight On!

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