Most Valuable College Football Teams

At YMSWWC TtT has a great post about the Most Valuable College Football Teams as valued by Forbes.

    1. Notre Lame Dame. Value 101 Million. Clearly there’s a lot of morons out there who pull for losing teams.
    2. Texas. Value 92 Million. Thank part-time pot head Matthew McConaughey for that.
    3. Georgia Value 90 Million. Might third on Forbes list but second in SEC east. (Snicker)
    4. Michigan Value 85 Million. That number might drop after the Appy State loss.
    5. Florida Value 84 Million. I wonder if that includes the stolen items and drug money.
    6. LSU Value 76 Million. People love corn dogs, at least the fan love smelling like them.
    7. The Good Guys. Tennessee Value 74 Million GO VOLS!
    8. Auburn Value 73 Million. War (Cha Ching) Eagle
    9. Satan’s team Alabama Value 72 Million. Even at this Auburn beats them.
    10. Ohio State Value71 Million. They’re used to losing to SEC teams.
    11. Oklahoma Value 70 Million. Let’s see Mike Gundy yell about that.
    12. South Carolina Value 69 Million. WTF? Does Forbes know they’re operating in red?
    13. Penn State Value 69 Million. Even though it’s the same value as Carolina, Forbes has sense enough to rank Carolina higher.
    14. USC (The one that wins championships Value 53 Million. My my my that’s not good.

See the post for the rest of the list. The Men of Troy need to pick up the marketing, or get some advise from the school of business.

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