Patriots Must Go Undefeated: Silence Shula, Csonka And The Rest Of The 1972 Dolphins

Don Shula came out and against the New England Patriots, stating that if they go undefeated their record is tainted because they were caught stealing defensive signals. Not a good move. Don Shula was a well-respected coach and a member of the NFL Hall of Fame. Now he is a bitter old man holding on to his former glory.

For those who do not know, the 1972 Miami Dolphins have the only perfect season in the NFL. In 1972 the Dolphins went 17-0. Every year the members of that team gather to celebrate and relive their former glory when the last undefeated team in the NFL suffers its first loss. The team was outstanding and included incredible players including, Bob Griese, Mercury Morris, and Nick Buoniconti. But, at this point the celebration has become pathetic.

Problems with the 1972 Dolphins and why the 2007 New England Patriots are better:

  1. Larry Csonka has a silent letter in his last name. And Jim Kiick has an extra letter in his last name. The Patriots do not have Tom Psbrady and Laurence Maroooney. Drop the extra letters and get with the program.
  2. Kiick and Csonka both have mustaches. Enough said. Continue reading

Reggie Bush In High School: Video Highlights

Some good video of Reggie Bush before he came to USC. Also some video highlights of his time at Troy.

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Drop The Cheese: Couple In Southern California Arrested For Selling Illegal Cheese


Drop the cheese and come out with your hands in the air. A couple in Southern California has been charged for selling 375 pounds of “bathtub” cheese. Floribel Hernandez Cuenca was arrested for felony cheese making.


A Southern California couple is facing criminal charges after allegedly being caught with 375 pounds of “bathtub” cheese Continue reading

Kansas Over Nebraska 39-76: Fighting Manginos Will Go To A BCS Game

Kansas is for real, and it is not even basketball season. The Jayhawks put up 76 points on the pink-shirt defense. Kansas had 572 total yards. The bigman Mark Mangino has doe a great job at Kansas. The Fighting Manginos are getting it done this year, and will be in the hunt for a BCS game.

Tom Osborn watched the game from the press box, and Callahan had better be looking for a new job. The Husker fans will not settle for this.

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Notre Dame v Navy: Navy Wins In 3rd Overtime, Weis Worst ND Coach In History

It is official, Charlie Weis is the worst Notre Dame coach in the history of color television. The Midshipmen of Navy defeated the Irish 46-44, to break a 43-game winning streak by the Irish. Coach Weis has led the Fighting Irish to a record of 1 win and 8 losses. The loss comes two weeks after the Trojans handed the Irish their worst lost since 1956. Both of these losses took place at South Bend.

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Justice John Paul Stevens’s Perplexing View Of The Death Penalty

The New York Times recently did a profile on Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens. In the article Justice Stevens explains that his view of the death penalty is shaped by his experiences during World War II.


After graduating Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Chicago in 1941, Stevens enlisted in the Navy on Dec. 6, 1941, hours before the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. He later won a bronze star for his service as a cryptographer, after he helped break the code that informed American officials that Adm. Isoroku Yamamoto, the commander of the Japanese Navy and architect of the Pearl Harbor attack, was about to travel to the front. Based on the code-breaking of Stevens and others, U.S. pilots, on Roosevelt’s orders, shot down Yamamoto’s plane in April 1943.

Stevens told me he was troubled by the fact that Yamamoto, a highly intelligent officer who had lived in the United States and become friends with American officers, was shot down with so little apparent deliberation or humanitarian consideration. The experience, he said, raised questions in his mind about the fairness of the death penalty. Continue reading

Posts Worth Reading 2NOV07

If you are interested in a telenovela about Aids and Elk Milk you are in for a treat. If not, you can always use the new Woman’s Remote to change the channel to the latest story about Hillary Clinton and her hot aid de camp and friend Huma Abedin or a story about what scumbags Penn State fans are.  You may also be woundering what happened to your childhood chemistry set, well it is banned because of meth users.