Jonathan Lee Riches© v. Benazir Bhutto, Pervez Musharraf, Pakistan President, INS

For those uninitiated, Jonathan Lee Riches© (he asserts his names is copyrighted) he is an inmate at Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) Williamsburg, SC with a penchant for litigation. His many lawsuits include: Michael Vick, Barry Bonds, Don Imus, Wal-Mart, President Bush, The World Wide Web, Williams Sisters, 50 Cent, Iron Mike Tyson, Jeff Gordon, Carrie Underwood, and LeBron James

Apparently there is more then one Jonathan Lee Riches. As this lawsuit, entitled “I’m being Deported to Pakistan,” explains, Pakistan wants one of the Jonathan Lee Riches. Below are excerpts of the complaint.

    • JLR . . . moves this Honorable Court to Issue a TRO Temporary Restraining order against Defendants stopping my extradition to Pakistan in March 2012 because I will be tortured by the Defendants and the Pakistani Government.
    • This is a classic case of mistaken Identity.
    • Defendant’s want to try and hang me in downtown Karachi Pakistan because they think I’m a Taliban tribal Leader from Federally Administered Tribal Areas of N.W. Pakistan.
    • Pakistan has another wanted Jonathan Lee Riches© who is a international fugitive for making nuclear weapons with Pakistani scientist A.Q. Kahn on March 10, 1998, and Riches selling nuclear hardware to Libya, Iran, and North Korea.

How dare he sully the Jonathan Lee Riches© name. This is shocking.

yojoe© out

One Response

  1. that is seriously one of my favourite JLR suits. the duplicate JLR? genius.

    Ed Note: Just when you thought he may have had his best work behind him, he hits you with JLR2. yojoe

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