Japan May Soon Develop Nuclear Weapon

Professor Gary Sick, of the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University, and analyst of Middle East affairs, has reported about about the nuclear capabilities of the Japanese. According to Professor Sick, Japan is so close to a weapon that they “could do it, sort of, over a long weekend.” Continue reading

Jonathan Lee Riches© v. No Child Left Behind Act

Evidently, the JLR is not satisfied with the education he received, as he explains in this complaint entitled “The Government Left Me Behind the Gates of FCI Williamsburg.” Below are highlights from the complaint:

I want an Education.
The United Negro college fund won’t Answer my letters for a transfer to Morehouse College to do prison time. Continue reading

Meet Rebecca Sealfon: Learn To Spell Euonym

This is Rebecca Sealfon, the best thing to ever happen to a spelling competition.

Continue reading

Jonathan Lee Riches© v. Ohio State Buckeyes, Jim Tressel, Gene Smith, et al

In a complaint entitled “Football Conspiracy / Very Weak Schedule,” the JLR (d/b/a “Dr. Blood’s Orgy of Organs”) has fixed is litigation sights on Ohio State. Here are some highlights from the complaint:

  • I’m offended at Ohio State plays a weak schedule on purpose to get a high rating.
  • They play Akron, Youngstown State, Kent State who purposely lost those games. Continue reading