Jonathan Lee Riches© Update: Suits Aginst A Phone Number And NFL Network

Even for the JLR this is an daft lawsuit. He has now sued a phone number. In Jonathan Lee Riches© v. (202)456-1414, he has sued the White House main number. Here are some portions:

  • I want a pardon.
  • Defendant will not give me a pardon but will give Lewis Libby one.

Have phone numbers now been delegated pardon power?

The JLR has also sued the NFL and NFL Network.

  • I’m personally offended of all of Defendants and their Actions.
  • Football is a dangerous sport that has gotten too many children injured.
  • I played [football] and got a bruise on my thigh and on my chin.
  • The NFL influences violence.
  • From watching NFL violence and for George Michel to look into players steroid use.

It is not a stretch to envision the JLR sharing a cell with an NFL player, so maybe they can work this out.

yojoe© out

One Response

  1. both of those lawsuits really cracked me up…they were bizarre, even for him.

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