Jonathan Lee Riches© v. Philip Woolston, Steve Jobs, Apple Computer, Inc

For the JLR, this is a rather strange pleading. In October 2007, the JLR filed a complaint against Philip Woolston, Steve Jobs, and Apple Computer, Inc. for “Sexual Harassment With Apple Gadgets.” Then, in November 2007, the JLR filed a “Motion to Withdraw Case.”

The following is from the motion:

Comes now the Plaintiff, Jonathan Lee Riches©, in pro se, moves this Honorable Court to withdraw this case. Plaintiff has been having serious mental nightmares, Philip Woolston and Apple Computers sexually assaulted me in my dreams not in real life. I can’t sue a dream. The events on this suit never happened in real life. This was a mistake in Identity, so Plaintiff wishes to withdraw from this case and Plaintiff wishes to be left alone. I have enough problems, I lost my house, my pets wont write me in prison, I loss all my hair, FCI Williamsburg does not provide hair pieces, I’m starving, I now weigh 120 lbs at Five ft 10 inches, I’m currently in solitary confinement, I went 6 days without eating until I was force fed with a tube, someone took away my Wall St. Journal subscription, I get belly aches, I just want to withdraw this case and move on with my life and to be left alone by the world. Plaintiff prays for relief.

This leaves one to wonder how many of his previous complaints did not occur in real life. Best line: “I can’t sue a dream.”

yojoe© out

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