No Link Between Violent Video Games And Aggressive Behavior

A recent study in Psychiatric Quarterly, by Christopher John Ferguson, reports on a meta-analytic review of studies, published since 1995, analyzing the effects of video game play. The Ferguson study concludes that the previous studies of video game violence provided no support for the hypothesis that violent video game playing is associated with higher aggression.

This recent study was quite unnecessary. Aggression and violence are not a product of video games, these attributes are part of the human condition. Take Gaius Caesar Augustus Germanicus (Caligula) or Attila the Hun, these men committed horrific acts of violence long before the invention of the first-person shooter or Donkey Kong. Violence and aggression are human traits that must be kept in check by society. But to blame video games as the root of the problem is useless. Were all video games to be outlawed tomorrow, violence would not cease to exist. We, as a society, would be much better served to focus on the real problem rather than turning Ms. Pac-Man into a whipping boy, or girl.


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