Michigan Football Coach Lloyd Carr Wins Coach Of The Year Award: What A Joke

Michigan coach Lloyd Carr has been awarded the Bobby Dodd national coach of the year award. Just let that sink in for a second. This is the same guy who lost to a non-Div I team* in Appalachian State, was dismantled by Oregon (39-7), lost to Wisconsin, and lost to Ohio State. Who voted for him?
If you want a coach of the year, vote for Jim Leavitt from USF who coached his team to its first national ranking in the schools history. Or Paul Johnson from the Naval Academy who snapped a 43-game losing streak against Notre Dame and has dominated the Commander in Chief’s Trophy, going 9-1 in his five years at USNA. Additional coaches more deserving than Carr are Rich Rodriguez, Gary Pinkel, June Jones, and the Big Mark Mangino, and a number of others not mentioned. Why not give the award to Charlie Weis.
If Carr had any self-respect he would pull a Ving Rhames and give the award to another coach.

yojoe out

* Before anyone starts on the Division I issue, yes I know Appalachian State is Division I (FCS). No matter what you name it, App St. is not Division I.

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  1. what? that was the *actual* coach of the year award? i saw some guys on TV giving Lloyd Carr a trophy yesterday, and i thought that was some honorary career award, or some “you’re a good coach and a good citizen” thing. they didn’t really have all that good of a season, compared to the expectations. i understand it was a big deal that he’s leaving, but i’ve never been one for giving yearly awards for a body of work. it screws over the guys who had a great year.

  2. My sentiments exactly. He was NOT even cloase to being Coach of the Year. Career is irrelevant. He had a team that should have contended for the national Championship. His counterpart Tressel had ZERO returners in any of the skill positions and we know, right or wrong, who is playing for it. Zook or the Kansas coach should have received this award. Carr should’ve manned up and graciously declined the award. At least UM played prety good for a change despite the turnovers.

  3. Lloyd Carr, looks like he could bore an room full of turtles, standing up there covering his mouth pulling his face down with the hand in disgust. Can you imagine the guy’s half time speech, team is down big, a must win? –“You guy’s really piss me off! Do you have any idea much damn money I stand to lose this upcoming contract talk? I swear, my fat wife can stand around out there and smell bad. . . I’m goin’ back out to stand sideline’s and pull on my face, if you girl’s would like to catch another ass beating, then follow me RIGHT NOW!, AND I’M NOT ASKING A SECOND TIME!” “Alright, BEAT OUR ASS on three!”

  4. Good line about pulling on his face.

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  6. […] yojoe Michigan football coach Lloyd Carr wins coach of the year. dreadnaught.wordpress.com […]

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