Video Highlights: Pittsburgh Steelers Jack Lambert

No reason for posting this video, other than the fact that Jack Lambert is one of the all-time studs in the NFL.

yojoe out

3 Responses

  1. Nice! Liked that Lambert one-no-nonsense-mofo, although he did kind of beat up on my Cowboy’s in the Super Bowl’s. . . Also, with you on Thompson somewhat, prefer Dr. Ron Paul from here in my fine State, we have too many illegal mexican’s though. The rest of those republican a-hole’s can walk right off the flat earth for all that I care. By the way my blog, well I don’t know what it’s worth, it never made it out of the hanger, and by the way it is very led zeppelin intensive! love that ac/dc too, saw the great bon scott’s last d/fw (Dallas, Fort Worth) show, too! i hate dubya, though… By the way I selected the improper “comments” section to place my remarks initially, i beg your pardon!

  2. yojoe,
    Didn’t you like the original song to this video. why don’t you give the the man who put this video together some credit, cause it wasn’t you!

  3. jpell29 –
    I do not know about the original song. I did not attempt to suggest I put this video together, I only found it. If you know who did this video I would like to give him or her credit.

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