Surgical Skills Improved By Using Nintendo Wii

If you are about to go under for a surgical procedure and see you doctor playing Super Mario Galaxy on a Nintendo Wii, there is nothing to fear. Yo may just be just warming up for your upcoming procedure.

According to NewScientistTech, a new study shows that surgical residents performed better after playing the Wii.

To test how the Wii affected surgical skill, the researchers asked eight trainee doctors to play it for an hour before performing a virtual surgery. They used a training tool called ProMIS, which simulates a patient’s body in 3D and tracks the surgeon’s movements as they operate. They fed the movements to an algorithm which scores the virtual surgeon on a range of factors. Wii-playing residents scored 48 per cent higher on tool control and performance than those without the Wii warm-up.

So play Halo 3 and become a great doctor.

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Upgrades To President’s Helicopter To Cost Additional One Billion Dollars

According to Aviation Week, the Navy, specifically the Marine Corps, will stick with the US 101, aka the VH-71, helicopter for the helicopter version of Air Force One, known as Marine One. The upgrades will cost an additional $1 billion, on top of the original $6.1 billion price tag. The Navy had also considered the Sikorsky H-3s as an alternative airframe.
The original decision by the Navy to select the VH-71 caused some controversy because the aircraft is manufactured by a foreign company. The VH-71 is manufactured by AgustaWestland, a joint partnership between British and Italian companies.

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