Michael Nifong Files For Backruptcy

Anyone who is a fan of Duke lacrosse or Rule 8.4 of the Model Rules of Professional Conduct, will not be despondent over the news that Michael Byron Nifong, former district attorney for Durham County, NC, has filed for bankruptcy. Mr. Nifong lists his total assets at $243,898 and total liabilities at $180,311,978. That is not good.
But, he still has his license to practice law and a 2003 Honda Accord EX. Wait, he had his license to practice law revoked by the North Carolina State Bar. Well he still has the Accord and it is an EX which is better than the LX. So he has that going for him.

yojoe out

7 Responses

  1. Will someone please explain to me how a prosecutor amasses $180 million in debts?? Somethin’ smells a little fishy.

  2. Mklasing – The vast majority of the debt is in the form of judgments from the civil suits by the Duke players. At $30 mil per judgment it tends to add up. This is not to suggest Nifong is not fishy.


  3. makes sense–I feel so bad for the guy–hahahaha–sorry I couldn’t even finish that ridiculous sarcasm.

  4. I’m so glad he’s got that ’03 Accord. Do you know if it has a sunroof?

  5. yojoe,

    Sorry I have been MIA for a while. I love the posting about Nifong. One of my jobs is teaching at a university in Washington, DC and one of my students dissected Nifong’s error-filled and politically-motivated prosecution last semester.

    What a dirtbag. I wonder how much the Honda will auction for…

    And check out today’s posting if you get a chance. I posted a parody article about the “Blame Bush” site and some guy completely missed the point.

    Keep up the good work.

    The Irritable Elephant

  6. IE – Good to know another reader is from inside the beltway. The comment on your post about “Blame Bush” is very funny. It is sad to think that the guy did not get it.


  7. yojoe,

    Yeah, inside the Beltway is strange place.

    And every time I try a little parody posting I get flamed by some guy living in his mother’s basement wearing a stained bathrobe who is convinced that I have gored his sacrificial lamb. Maybe I should start writing about something less controversial, like the Koran. Salman Rushdie and I could get a little place together in Cleveland Park.


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