We Are Blackwater: New Book From Blackwater Worldwide CEO Erik Prince

The CEO and owner of Blackwater Worldwide, Erik D. Prince, has signed a book deal with Regnery Publishing. The book is billed as,

the only insider’s account of the controversial company that has supplied bodyguards and support-and-rescue personnel to hot spots around the world, Continue reading

College Football Recruiting: Mike Stoops Accuses Arizona State Of Becoming A Junior College

On national signing day, University of Arizona head football coach Mike Stoops said that Arizona State has “turned into a J.C.” Stoops made thisMDJFDXAPMQFXOGJ.20051005172018.jpg comment, suggesting that Dennis Erickson, head football of Arizona State, was accepting recruits with lower academic standards. Stoops was likely trying to explain is lack of success as coach of the Wildcats. In contrast to Stoops, Coach Erickson finished his first year at A St with a record of 10-3. It took until the middle of his third year for Stoops to get his 10th win.

Mike Stoops at Arizona has compiled the following record:

2004 – 3-8
2005 – 3-8
2006 – 6-6
2007 – 5-7

The Wildcats under Stoops have amassed the impressive winning percentage of 0.36957, placing the Cats at number 93 in winning percentage of major college football teams. The only Pac-10 team below Arizona is Stanford.

If Stoops it suggesting that the awe-inspiring academic standards of U of A is the reason for his lack of success on the field, this argument does not survive scrutiny. In academic standing, Arizona (as ranked by U.S. News & World Report) ranks behind all of the California teams, Continue reading