Jonathan Lee Riches© v. Reed Elsevier

Jonathan Lee Riches©The inmate Jonathan Lee Riches© (he asserts his names is copyrighted) has been the source of innumerable posts here at Dreadnaught, including lawsuits against: Michael Vick, Barry Bonds, Don Imus, Wal-Mart, President Bush, The World Wide Web, Williams Sisters, 50 Cent, Iron Mike Tyson, Jeff Gordon, Carrie Underwood, and LeBron James.

But his current lawsuit against Reed Elsevier, is notable because the JLR reveals a Nazi plot. Here is the text:

Reed Elsevier on 3-3-08 has my credit report on their files and sells this information to 3rd parties without my consent. This is unconstitutional. I seek a restraining order as my life is in serious danger of having my credit fall into the hands of cyber criminals and Nazi’s. Continue reading

China Blocks Access to YouTube

After a number of videos about protests in Tibet appeared on, the Chinese government blocked access to the website.

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Dwayne Jarrett Arrested For DUI

After catching only 6 passes for the Carolina Panthers, former Trojan Dwayne Jarrett has continued to disappoint with a recent DUI arrest.

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US Navy: Carrier Air Wing To Be Unmanned By 2025

The Carrier Air Wing (CVW) in the U.S. Navy currently consists of:

By the year 2025 the CVW will include a squadron of UAV, dubbed the Unmanned Combat Air System (UCAS). The UCAS will replace the F/A-18s. This will extend the range and loitering ability of the CVW.

The U.S. Navy’s program to determine the airframe to replace the F/A-18 is the F/A-XX program. This program underscores both the Navy and Marine Corps’s intensified interest in the future of unmanned air systems. Continue reading

Sea Level To Rise, Not So According To New Study

According to Bernhard Steinberger, “The trend will continue.”

Sea levels are set to fall over millions of years, making the current rise blamed on climate change a brief interruption of an ancient geological trend.

Such are the results of study to be published in Science. How will Al Gore, and his ilk, blame humans for plate tectonics?

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Jonathan Lee Riches© v. Ashlee Simpson; Pete Wentz

The latest lawsuit from Jonathan Lee Riches© (the JLR) is against Simpson. This time it is Ashlee not O.J.

Jonathan Lee Riches©


The text of the complaint reads as follows:

Defendants have been threatening and harassing Plaintiffs. FCI Williamsburg is a gulag. Plaintiffs constitutional rights are being violated by Defendants. Plaintiffs got assulted by defendants in front of Sam Goody in 2002, for not buying their CD and LP’s. Dependent’s are violating Plaintiffs due process Rights. FCI Williamsburg has no medical care, rotten food on Defendants orders Plaintiff seek a Restraining order a preliminary injunction on Defendants.

This should be a lesson to all. Buy, Ashlee Simpson’s albums or risk a beat down. Continue reading