Navy Abandons Zumwalt-Class Destroyer

The Zumwalt-Class Destroyer (DDG 1000) was to be a class of next-generation, multi-mission surface combatants tailored for land attack and littoral dominance, with capabilities designed to defeat current and projected threats as well as improve battle force defense.

The destroyer was designed to be,

adaptable, affordable, survivable, flexible and responsive.

Evidently, the goal of affordability was not attained.

Growing costs and vulnerability to anti-ship missiles sank the Navy’s once-heralded “stealth destroyer,” a highly advanced warship designed to slip close to the shore unnoticed and pummel targets with big guns boasting pinpoint accuracy.

Faced with cost estimates upward of $5 billion per ship, the Navy had no choice but to let its prized Zumwalt destroyer program end after the first two ships are built, analysts said Wednesday.

The official rationale provided by the Navy for discontinuing the DDG 1000 is the cost.

The scuttlebutt, however, suggests that sailors were troubled by a Z-gram that indicated that they may be forced to wear sideburns if assigned to one of the destroyers.  In all likelihood this is rumor is completely unfounded.

yojoe (in no-sideburns mode) out

UC Berkeley Ejects Hippies From Trees To Build Football Facility

California Golden BearsThe Cal athletic department has finally succeeded in ejecting a group of longhairs who had been living in trees in an area the university had selected for construction of a new $140-million sports-training center.  A judge in Alameda County ruled,

late Tuesday, Miller orders the injunction that has been in place since February 2007 to be lifted seven days from today.

“(Construction) is going to start as soon as the injunction is finally over and we are very, very close,” said UC attorney Charles Olson. “We’re delighted with the judge’s judgement. It is exactly what we had asked her to do and we are very pleased.”

But first, the last three tree sitters will have to be removed from a redwood at the grove where the sports training center is planned. As part of the construction, 44 trees will be cut down. Tree sitters are protesting the plan. The university has been supplying food and water to the tree sitters for several weeks after cutting off supplies from outside groups.

University officials declined to say what will immediately happen with the tree sitters.

This is welcome news for Cal fans, who have enjoyed a resurgence in their football program, which now regularly competes for the Pac-10 title.  And, but for the dominance of USC may actually have a chance to win the Pac-10.

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