Judge Elizabeth Halverson Faces Nevada Judicial Discipline Commission

Last year, the chief judge of the Nevada Supreme Court ordered Judge Elizabeth image Halverson to be prohibited from entering the courthouse.  The Nevada Supreme Court ruled that the chief judge exceeded her authority in banning Judge Halverson, but was correct in removing her from the criminal docket.  Judge Halverson had a number of complaints lodged against her, including:

  • Bailiff complains judge makes him massage her feet and back
  • Judge would put staff members under oath and ask them questions
  • Judge put her husband under oath to ask if the house was clean
  • Judge’s mother asked if the bailiff was her “servant”
  • Judge fell asleep during her first criminal trial
  • Judge spoke to criminal juries, outside the presence of accused and counsel for both parties
  • berated lawyers for not contributing to her election fund (she dismisses this on the basis that no lawyers contributed so she could not be discriminating against any individuals)
  • Judge would call staffer “the evil one,” “bitch,” “the elf,” and “the Antichrist”
  • Judge fired her assistant Ileen Spooner, which resulted in a defamation suit against the judge

The current proceeding against Judge Halverson will determine if she is to be removed from the bench.  During the first day of the hearing, the bailiff testified,

“It made me feel very bad,” said Bailiff Jonny Jordan.

He says he did everything to keep his composure during his testimony, but it was not enough.

“I was robbed of my rights, my dignity, my dignity was taken, my dignity was taken, how would you feel if it happened to you,” said Jordan.

Chief Judge Kathy Hardcastle then took the stand,

“I reached the point where I had judges refusing to attend meetings if she was going to be there because she was so disparaging to everyone and to the other judges,”

There will assuredly be more to come in this case.

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  1. […] falling asleep on the bench, and berating lawyers for not contributing to her election fund.https://dreadnaught.wordpress.com/2008/08/05/judge-elizabeth-halverson-faces-nevada-judicial-discipli…Definition of Subordinate from dictionary.netFree online English dictionary. We define subordinate […]

  2. I used to work for a very insecure (and somewhat incompetent) abusive boss. Thee is a lot about her that reminds me of this guy. It can be very destructive to an individual to have to work for someone like this. And it does not make it all ok to pass this off as a personality difference (as I’ve heard from time to time). They need to keep her off the bench. Someone with issues like she apparently has should not be deciding other peoples fate.

  3. sympathetic – To call this judge abusive is an understatement. This boarders on criminal behavior. Thanks for the comment.

  4. I’m shocked and appalled with Halverson’s conduct in this hearing. With all of those counts against her, one would think that, as an attorney AND a judge, she would know to play the “sympathy card”, rather than being abrasive and disrespectful to the panel who will ultimately judge HER! I’m not going to knock her for being disabled, which may be something that she can’t help (unless it involves pushing herself away from the dining table!). But she can certainly control her behavior. If she’s this haughty and high-handed with her peers and superiors, there is no doubt in my mind that she treated her subordinates with disrespect and ruled using fear tactics. Check out her website http://www.halverson4judge.com/. Even her bio is strange with all of these old photos from the 50s and 60s of her parents and she and her siblings as children. No pics of her now (or after the age of 6!). While telling everyone what a great person she is and begging for donations, she makes a brief reference to her husband Ed (who leads her household of cats and dogs). Ed sits in the courtroom behind her, looking like a handyman. He grinned like a simpleton when others testified that his wife was known to call him a “bleeping idiot” and other disparaging and profane names. In this case, I really wished that “what happens in Vegas STAYED in Vegas”! Halverson has shown herself to be an incompetent, arrogant, power-crazy “Oompa Loompa”. To paraphrase the immortal words of John Emerich Acton “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great (wo)men are almost always bad (wo)men.” BTW, she DID fall asleep in her own hearing!

  5. Power is what Elizabeth is all about. She wants to feel important and I will not give her that, this is why she should be addressed as Elizabeth not Judge. To be addressed as Judge is a term used for someone that is fair and respectful of others and this is not her!! I hope when she finds another job it will be working for someone that will have a firm attitude towards her. When her boss has a “bad day”, I do hope that he yells at her, then maybe justice will be served!!!!!!!!

  6. Did the verdict come in on Judge Halverson?

  7. I have searched through everything that I can think of and cannot find out the verdict of Judge Halverson. Please respond. SOMEONE

  8. It took me a while to find the result. It slipped my mind for a while, but here is the actual ruling.

    In my opinion, she got what she deserved (pages 22 to the end are most relevant).


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