Election Day Lines In Alexandria VA

At 0550, the sun was at least thirty minutes away, but the line of people waiting to vote was already snaking around the block. At an elementary school in Alexandria, Virginia these Americans had risen early to exercise their right to choose their leader.

While there was no danger of violence or intimidation – or any of the myriad risks faced by others in the world when attempting to select a leader – it was, nonetheless, inspiring to be among your fellow citizens enjoying our most important right.

To the extent that polls are correct, it is likely that half the people in this line will cast ballots different from their neighbors. There was no division, just a group of neighbors being offered Cinnamon rolls and coffee for sale by the local group of Girl Scouts. We are all just trying to get that first cup of coffee down and participate on our democracy. No matter what the outcome, the civility with which we conduct ourselves while disagreeing about such fundamental issues demonstrates our strength as a people and nation.

This is a great day to be an American.

yojoe out