Trojan Fan To Sooner Fans: There Was Nothing That Could Be Done Against Tebow

See full size imageI attended the 2005 Rose Bowl Game.  To this day I can not look at a replay of Vince Young running in the game-winning touchdown.  The 2005 Trojans were a great team, but they just could not stop Vince Young.

Sooner fans suffered the same fate in the 2009 BCS Game.  There was no stopping Tim Tebow.  Sam Bradford, and the rest of the Oklahoma team, played a great game.  The did not lose the game, they were just beat by one of the best college players to ever play.

Don’t fall into all the Chokelahoma and fire Stoops talk. There is not a better coach in the country you could hire, even if you made the mistake of firing him.  Coach Stoops is a great coach, one of the top 5 in the game.  You just went up against Superman.

There is always next year.

yojoe Fight On!

2009 BCS Championship Game Final Score

With tonight’s win over Oklahoma, the Florida Gators may take take their place among the top ten college football programs of all time, Oklahoma is already #4.

The final score was Florida over Oklahoma 24-14.  This like the Texas Ohio State game was lower scoring that many thought.

Florida Gator, and the fastest player in college football, Jeff Demps had a big game with Percy Harvin recovering from a sprained right ankle. But Harvin did not seem to be hampered by the injury.

Florida just could not be stopped in the 4th quarter.  Great game, and both teams should take pride in the accomplishments they achieved this season.

Bob Stoops has not helped to shake the Chokelahoma title, after losing in BCS games, 2004 L – Sugar, 2005 L – Orange, 2007 L – Fiesta, 2008 L – Fiesta and tonight to Florida.

Former Trojan, Emmanuel Moody, had 1 carry for the Gators.

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United States And Canada To Go War Over Global Warming

Yes, this is a prediction actually raised by a global warming alarmist in the WaPo


Admittedly, it’d take a lot of tension for this to turn into a military conflict, but anyone convinced that the United States and Canada could never come to blows has forgotten the War of 1812. And not all this sort of resource conflict will occur between friendly countries.

And you thought those Canadians were mad when we took their hockey teams. yojoe out