2009 BCS Championship Game Final Score

With tonight’s win over Oklahoma, the Florida Gators may take take their place among the top ten college football programs of all time, Oklahoma is already #4.

The final score was Florida over Oklahoma 24-14.  This like the Texas Ohio State game was lower scoring that many thought.

Florida Gator, and the fastest player in college football, Jeff Demps had a big game with Percy Harvin recovering from a sprained right ankle. But Harvin did not seem to be hampered by the injury.

Florida just could not be stopped in the 4th quarter.  Great game, and both teams should take pride in the accomplishments they achieved this season.

Bob Stoops has not helped to shake the Chokelahoma title, after losing in BCS games, 2004 L – Sugar, 2005 L – Orange, 2007 L – Fiesta, 2008 L – Fiesta and tonight to Florida.

Former Trojan, Emmanuel Moody, had 1 carry for the Gators.

Note to Charlie Weis: Urban Meyer took the helm at Florida in 2004, after turning down Notre Dame, and has won 2 national title in that time, and done it with class.  You have amassed the worst record over in the history of Notre Dame over the last two seasons, going 10-15.  And during this time you have accomplished nothing on the filed, while running your mouth and losing your lawsuit against your doctors.  Try shutting your mouth.  This will keep you from issuing threats you can not backup and my keep you under 5,000 calories per day.

yojoe (in congratulating Florida mode) out

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