Trojan Fan To Sooner Fans: There Was Nothing That Could Be Done Against Tebow

See full size imageI attended the 2005 Rose Bowl Game.  To this day I can not look at a replay of Vince Young running in the game-winning touchdown.  The 2005 Trojans were a great team, but they just could not stop Vince Young.

Sooner fans suffered the same fate in the 2009 BCS Game.  There was no stopping Tim Tebow.  Sam Bradford, and the rest of the Oklahoma team, played a great game.  The did not lose the game, they were just beat by one of the best college players to ever play.

Don’t fall into all the Chokelahoma and fire Stoops talk. There is not a better coach in the country you could hire, even if you made the mistake of firing him.  Coach Stoops is a great coach, one of the top 5 in the game.  You just went up against Superman.

There is always next year.

yojoe Fight On!

2 Responses

  1. Agreed. I still find myself playing the ‘what if’ game as far as that Rose Bowl game vs. Texas . . as in ‘what if Reggie hadn’t attempted the lateral’ and ‘what if we’d gone in for another score and made it 10 or 14 zip’ . . .
    Suppositions don’t work though, because Young willed his team to victory that night. It was one of those transcendent performances that, win or lose, you’ve got to appreciate.
    And as far as Stoops goes, Sooners fans would be wise to recall that once upon a time, there was a coach from Nebraska who was fitted with the rep of not being able to win the big game. And Tom Osborne ended up just fine . . .

  2. Bill – I was sitting in the end zone facing Young when he scored. After the game I drove to San Diego without speaking. I am now able to respect the skill, and will, of VY. Tebow is as good, if not better, than Young. There was just no stopping him.

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