Connecticut Judge Curtissa Cofield Arrested For DUI Calls Officer Negro Washington

2008 was the year of Judge Elizabeth Halverson.  First Judge Halverson was removed from the bench for misconduct, then she was attacked by her husband,  Her husband pleaded guilty to domestic battery and she lost her reelection bid.

That was 2008, it is now 2009 and we have Judge Curtissa Cofield of Hartford, CT.

Judge Cofield was arrested and charged with a DUI after she ran her BMW into a state trooper’s vehicle.  A recent video was released showing Judge Cofield referring to the arresting officer as “Negro Washington.”  She then asked the officer “if a Negro was sent to arrest a Negro.”

Finally, Judge Cofield explained her conduct.  She stated that she “was suffering from Negroitis.”

Here is an article by Judge Cofield wherein she explains that underage drinking is a crime.  Not quite irony, but close.

yojoe (in judicial mode) out