Vanity Fair Drops Green Issue

Apparently global warming does not pay,

Spring has sprung, and everything is going green. Everything, that is, except Vanity Fair, which has decided to ditch its annual “green issue”. For the past three years, the monthly glossy has made much of dedicating its May issue to the environment: from Leonardo DiCaprio posing on an iceberg to last year’s open letter from Robert Kennedy Jnr to the next president calling for action on global warming. This year, the incipient tradition has been quietly dropped.

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Pakistan Wants Control Of U.S. Drones

With the number of drone strikes continuing in Pakistan,

Pakistan has made it clear both publicly and privately to the Untied States government that we are willing to take out high value terrorist targets on our own, and we welcome the technology and intelligence assistance that will give us the ability to succeed.  President Obama once said that he would act if we weren’t willing and able.  We certainly are willing, and with international support we will become even more able.  I am the President of Pakistan and I cannot condone violations of our sovereignty, even when they are done by allies and friends.  We would much prefer that the US share its intelligence and give us the weapons, drones and missiles that will allow us to take care of this problem on our own. President Obama has denied any such intentions to extend the use of drone attacks to Balochistan. These drone attacks are counter productive.

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Kenny Powers On Fighting

Pictures: Eastbound and Down Quotes - Kenny Powers Unleashed

From Eastbound & Down

Kenny Powers, “I’m not going to stop yelling because that would mean I lost the fight!”

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