Judge Elizabeth Halverson: Husband Pleads Guilty And She Loses Election

Las Vegas judge Elizabeth Halverson lost her race for judge, and her husband pleads guilty for crushing her skull with a frying pan.

Judge Halverson Update: Husband To Face Charges Of Attempted Murder

The husband of Judge Elizabeth Halverson to face charges of attempted murder.

Judge Elizabeth Halverson Update: Surgery On Skull

Husband of Judge Elizabeth Halverson attempts to murder her by smashing her skull with a frying pan.

Judge Halverson: Misconduct Hearing Delayed By Health Problem

The misconduct hearing for Judge Elizabeth Halverson was delayed when she became ill in the middle of her testimony.  Apparently, Judge Halverson suffered what her attorney called a “hypoglycemic” event this morning. Her attorney says the judge’s blood sugar level became low, and she was unable to continue her testimony. Odd, Judge Halverson is the […]

Judge Elizabeth Halverson Faces Nevada Judicial Discipline Commission

Last year, the chief judge of the Nevada Supreme Court ordered Judge Elizabeth Halverson to be prohibited from entering the courthouse.  The Nevada Supreme Court ruled that the chief judge exceeded her authority in banning Judge Halverson, but was correct in removing her from the criminal docket.  Judge Halverson had a number of complaints lodged […]

Nevada Supreme Court Issues Opinion: Judge Halverson is Back

The Nevada Supreme Court, on 27 July 2007, issued its opinion in Halverson v. Hardcastle. The result: Judge Halverson is back. Judge Halverson petitioned the court for a writ of quo warranto to challenge the authority of the chief judge, Chief Judge Hardcastle, to take away her criminal caseload, form a committee to evaluate her […]

Connecticut Judge Curtissa Cofield Arrested For DUI Calls Officer Negro Washington

Connecticut judge is arrested for DUI after hitting a police car. She then goes on to repeatedly call the arresting officer a negro, and made other racist remarks.

Jonathan Lee Riches© v. Orenthal James “O. J.” Simpson

Mr. Riches© has now sued O. J. Simpson. You could see that coming from a mile away. The only thing that could make this more of a circus is to have Judge Halverson preside over the trial. For those uninitiated, Jonathan Lee Riches© (he asserts his names is copyrighted) he is an inmate at Federal […]

Plaintiff From Riches© v. Michael Vick Sues Magna Carta, Skittles, Notre Dame, Pete Rose, Et Al.

You may remember Mr. Jonathan Lee Riches© from his civil action against Michael Vick, wherein he sued Mr. Vick for, inter alia, subjecting him to microwave testing, dealing drugs in a school zone, and purchasing missiles from the government of Iran. In the attached complaint, Mr. Riches© names a mind-numbing number of defendants, although his […]