Penn State Over Ohio State

JoPa wins at Ohio State for the first time in 30 years.

Jonathan Lee Riches© v. Ohio State Buckeyes, Jim Tressel, Gene Smith, et al

In a complaint entitled “Football Conspiracy / Very Weak Schedule,” the JLR (d/b/a “Dr. Blood’s Orgy of Organs”) has fixed is litigation sights on Ohio State. Here are some highlights from the complaint: I’m offended at Ohio State plays a weak schedule on purpose to get a high rating. They play Akron, Youngstown State, Kent […]

USC Tennis 2009 NCAA Champions

The tennis Men of Troy defeated an Ohio State to become 2009 Men’s Tennis National Champions. yojoe Fight On!

2009 BCS Championship Game Final Score

Florida wins the BCS National Championship Game over Oklahoma.

Notre Dame To Lose Tenth Bowl Game Against Hawaii

Notre Dame to face Hawaii in Hawaii Bowl on 24DEC08.

SEC Complaining About The BCS Before The Season Starts

Is the SEC already complaining about the BCS?  It looks like it, Say Southern California goes 12-0. Say Florida, Auburn or Georgia finishes 11-2 with an SEC championship. Those teams’ schedules are much harsher then Ohio State’s slate. The conference in which they play is projected to be much tougher than the Big Ten. So […]

Jonathan Lee Riches© v. Ashlee Simpson; Pete Wentz

The latest lawsuit from Jonathan Lee Riches© (the JLR) is against Simpson. This time it is Ashlee not O.J.   The text of the complaint reads as follows: Defendants have been threatening and harassing Plaintiffs. FCI Williamsburg is a gulag. Plaintiffs constitutional rights are being violated by Defendants. Plaintiffs got assulted by defendants in front […]

College Football Games Lead To Fan Violence: More Violence After Upset

A recent study from the University of Colorado finds that game days result in an increased number of assaults, liquor law violations, and assaults. It is rather fitting that this study would come out of CU given the anarchy that erupted during the Buff’s 2005 loss to the Nuskers. Yes, the study came out of […]

USC Football: The Best Team In The Country

This is not coming from Dreadnaught, this is coming from ESPN and The Sporting News: “The No. 7 Trojans are better than both No. 1 Ohio State and No. 2 LSU, which will play for the BCS championship Monday night in the Louisiana Superdome.” -Mark Schlabach from ESPN “There’s no doubt — USC is nation’s […]