GQ Mark Sanchez

Former Trojan QB Mark Sanchez, after being drafted No. 5 by the NY Jets, has now posed for GQ.

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Fans Of The HBO Show The Wire Are About To Get A New Show

If you are, or were, a fan of The Wire you are in for some good news. David Simon, the creator of The Wire, has created a new show set in New Orleans: Treme.  Here is a description from The Times-Picayune,

“Treme,” named after the iconic New Orleans neighborhood where many musicians live, will marry one of television’s most prestigious networks with creator David Simon, one of television’s hottest series masterminds.

Simon created HBO’s the “The Wire,” which just completed a five-year run. While not a huge ratings success for the network, “The Wire” was one of the most critically acclaimed shows in television history.

Simon confirmed that HBO will film the first episode of “Treme,” possibly sometime later this year. If HBO gives the green light for more episodes, production would resume in 2009.

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Kenny Powers On Trusting Women

From Eastbound & Down

Kenny Powers,

“A lot of people say Kenny Powers is a woman hater. That’s not true. I love women, every f***ing one of them, even the ugly-as-sh** ones. But don’t ask me to trust them, not even nuns. Because every pair of ti** comes with a gaping hole of need that even Kenny Powers can’t fill.”

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Tropic Thunder DVD Review

Now, let’s go get those Vietcongs!

– Tugg Speedman

Tropic Thunder is the story of a group of actors making a Vietnam War movie.  The story is told in a mocumentry style, think This Is Spinal Tap.  The movie stars Robert Downey Jr., Ben Stiller, Jack Black, and has a  cameo role played by Tom Cruise.

The movie is the story of the filming of the memoir of a Vietnam veteran, John “Four Leaf” Tayback.  When the filming runs into some trouble, the director decides to film the movie guerrilla style. The director turns the actors lose in the jungle, where they encounter a heroine gang.

The movie plays on a number of Hollywood stereotypes. 

  • Tugg Speedman (Stiller) – action-movie star who thinks he is a better actor than he is.
  • Jeff Portnoy (Black) – comedy actor famous for his fart movies, who is addicted to heroine.
  • Kirk Lazarus (Downey) – multiple Academy Award winner, who undergoes surgery to portrays a black sergeant.

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Hard Knocks Season Two: Dallas Cowboys Training Camp

The HBO sports documentary Hard Knocks returned for its second season last night, 6AUG08.  This season looks to be better than the last.  This year Hard Knocks follows the training camp of the Dallas Cowboys.  With TO, Pacman Jones, and Tony Romo in camp, there will be plenty of controversy.

Even if you are not a fan of the Cowboys – the author is assuredly not – or the NFL you will enjoy this program.  Learning about the back stories of rookies trying to make the team, and veterans trying to hold on for another year is fascinating.

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Brady Quinn Involved in Gay Dating Scandal

Former Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn is doing his best impression of Mike “I’m not gay. I’m heterosexual” Piazza.  According to TMZ, Quinn’s lawyer has sent a cease-and-desist letter to a homosexual-dating website demanding that photos of Quinn be removed from the advertisement.

The message: Brady Quinn is not gay.  Evidently Quinn is willing to go so far as to fight gay people to prove his heterosexuality.

While it is normal, and expected, that a professional athlete would not want his image used for advertising without his permission, it is quite another matter to go out of one’s way to deny he is a homosexual.  To quote The Bard, “The Brady doth protest to much, methinks.”

Here are a few suggestions for Quinn:

  1. Stop being so homophobic.
  2. Keep your shirt on.
  3. Stop taking homoerotic photographs.
  4. Try to stop dressing like a member of the Village People.
  5. Stop sucking at football.

As a side note, Coach Charlie “I looked at myself and saw a disasterWeis, may want to get in contact with Quinn’s lawyers.  Not to appeal the jury verdict “You Are Fat” from his failed-gastric-bypass lawsuit, but to represent Jimmy Clausen.  If Clausen keeps taking pictures wearing a banana hammock and posing oil with two other guys, it will not be long until the gay rumors start flying.

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