Video: Firefight Between Coalition Forces And Anti-Afghan Forces

Video of firefight captured by UAV. Continue reading

Video: Test Of F-35 Joint Strike Fighter

This video is of the Marine Corps’s version of the Joint Strike Fighter, the F-35B.

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China Blocks Access to YouTube

After a number of videos about protests in Tibet appeared on, the Chinese government blocked access to the website.

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Video: Artillery In Action

For all the Cannon Cockers out there, here is a video fix from The Freeholder:

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College Football Games Lead To Fan Violence: More Violence After Upset

A recent study from the University of Colorado finds that game days result in an increased number of assaults, liquor law violations, and assaults. It is rather fitting that this study would come out of CU given the anarchy that erupted during the Buff’s 2005 loss to the Nuskers. Yes, the study came out of the Denver not the Boulder campus, but it still works.

The study used data from 2000-2005 from twenty-six police agencies. Among the finding were:

home games are associated with a 13 percent increase in arrests for drunk driving, a 41 percent increase in arrests for disorderly conduct, and a 76 percent increase in arrests for liquor law violations . . .

host community registers sharp increases in assaults on game days. In addition, there is evidence that vandalism, arrests for disorderly conduct, and alcohol-related arrests increase on game days, Continue reading