The police should leave us alone and let us sell our weed

The title of this post is a quote from Antoine Blalock, a DC resident who was convicted for possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Recently, Mr. Blalock’s case was on appeal at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit.  The facts of the case were less than normal,

Blalock drove to the Seventh District Police Station on Alabama Avenue S.E. in May 2007. He pulled a handgun from the trunk and started firing, shooting in the air outside the station. Five shots. He shouted, according to court records, “The police should leave us alone and let us sell our weed!”

Blalock complied with demands to drop his gun—and he did not stop there. He dropped his pants, standing naked before officers wrapped him up in a towel. Police seized 23 bags of marijuana. Blalock told police he wanted to “throw weed” and shoot the gun to get recognition from a record label.

For more on marijuana, see the devastating rope shortage facing California.

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Charles Barkley Arrested, Not For Gambling But DUI

Charles Barkley plans to run for governor of Alabama. His latest trouble with the law may not help him.  He was arrested on 31DEC08 on suspicion of DUI in Arizona.  This after his previous $400,000 gambling debt, does not seem to improve the odds of his gubernatorial run.

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Washington DC Has Plan To Fix All Its Problems: Rename A Street "Taxation Without Representation Street"

imgres The residence of DC have a great new plan to solve all their woes: rename the portion of South Capitol Street between N Street and Potomac Avenue “Taxation Without Representation Street.”

That should do it.  No more problems in the District.

This should help your rate of HIV/AIDS infection, which is the highest in the nation.  (128.4 cases per 100,000 people, compared to 14 cases 100,000 people for the rest of the United States)

Murders that “are the second-leading cause of premature deaths among the District population as a whole . . .” are no longer a problem.

A 6th-place ranking in a ranking of the most dangerous cities in the United States, is no longer an issue.

And, some of the worst public schools in the nation.  Fixed.

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Jonathan Lee Riches© Sues Blizzard Entertainment

The JLR (as Jonathan Lee Riches©  is known at Dreadnaught) has filed a lawsuit against Blizzard Entertainment.  Here is his latest lawsuit:

Comes now the interveners, moves Jonathan Lee Riches d/b/a Gordon Gekko, Vincent Dragonetti, Steven Iaria, Mario Cassarino, moves this honorable court to intervene in this case as Plaintiffs under fed r. civ P rule 24(A)2 – as a matter of right, or under rule 24(B) – permissive intervention, as interverors have a intrest in this case against Blizzard Entertainment Inc and their World of Warcraft video games which caused Intervenors to commit federal crimes.  World of Warcraft caused Riches mind to live in a virtual universe, where Riches explored the landscapes committing Identity theft and fighting cybermonster rival hackergangs.  Riches was addicted to video games and lost touch with Reality because of defendants.  This caused Riches to commit fraud to buy defendants video games.  Riches chose World of Warcraft over working a legit job.  I move for Amicus Cuaie, I can provide this court with my medical charts, credit and receipts of buying their video games with fraud.  I have newly discovered evidence.  I pray this court will grant Intervenors motion for relief.

For all of the JLR’s lawsuits.

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Judge Elizabeth Halverson: Husband Pleads Guilty And She Loses Election

The past year has not been a good one for Judge Elizabeth Halverson of Las Vegas, Nevada.  First she was barred from the courthouse.  Then she faced a judicial-misconduct hearing, which was delayed by her health problems.  After that the domestic problems began.  Judge Halverson’s husband attacked her with a frying pan, which required her to undergo surgery on her skull.  This was followed by her husband being charged with attempted to murder.

Now Judge Halverson’s husband, Edward Halverson, has reached a plea agreement, wherein he agrees to plead guilty to a felony: battery domestic violence with the use of a weapon resulting in substantial bodily harm.  He will likely serve 3 to 10 years in prison.

On top off all of this, Judge Halverson lost her reelection race.

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Supreme Court Rules Navy May Use Sonar During Training Despite Possible Harm To Whales

As previously reported here, the National Resources Defense Counsel has sued the Navy to prohibit the use of sonar during training exercises off Southern California because such training may be harmful to whales.  This case made its way through the 9th Circuit, and was recently ruled on by the Supreme Court.  Chief Judge Roberts authored the opinion,

Roberts wrote that “the Navy’s need to conduct realistic training with active sonar to respond to the threat posed by enemy submarines plainly outweighs” the environmental concerns raised by advocacy groups. “We do not discount the importance of [the challengers’] ecological, scientific, and recreational interest in marine mammals,” the opinion remarked.

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