Video: Test Of F-35 Joint Strike Fighter

This video is of the Marine Corps’s version of the Joint Strike Fighter, the F-35B.

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Notre Dame Football Coach Charlie Weis Disparages U.S. Military

Hoodlum – noun – a young street ruffian, esp. one belonging to a gang.

Thug – noun – a cruel or vicious ruffian, robber, or murderer.

Notre Dame Football Coach Charlie Weis was quoted as saying “I could get hoodlums and thugs and win tomorrow. I won’t do it that way.”

Evidently Coach Weis is referring to the hoodlums and thugs that defeated his football team last year, which included a loss to the United States Naval Academy and the United States Air Force Academy. This is unacceptable for Coach Weis to label Midshipmen and Cadets as thugs and hoodlums to justify his abysmal coaching and Notre Dame’s lack of success on the football field.

Coach Weis was correct when he recognized he was a disaster. The jury from his failed malpractice case was correct when they returned the verdict: you are fat.

Coach Weis should concentrate on losing a record 10th bowl game, and stop besmirching the fine men and women of the Navy and Air Force.

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US Navy: Carrier Air Wing To Be Unmanned By 2025

The Carrier Air Wing (CVW) in the U.S. Navy currently consists of:

By the year 2025 the CVW will include a squadron of UAV, dubbed the Unmanned Combat Air System (UCAS). The UCAS will replace the F/A-18s. This will extend the range and loitering ability of the CVW.

The U.S. Navy’s program to determine the airframe to replace the F/A-18 is the F/A-XX program. This program underscores both the Navy and Marine Corps’s intensified interest in the future of unmanned air systems. Continue reading

Navy’s Latest Ship Constructed From Steel Salvaged From The World Trade Center

USS NEW YORKThe latest San Antonio Class LPD is USS NEW YORK. The mission of the LPD is to transport Marines and their equipment, including AAAVs, LCAC, and MV-22 Osprey. The all-important-and-inspiring difference with the NEW YORK, is that the bow stern is constructed of 8 tons of steel salvaged from the wreckage of the Wold Trade Center.

This is the most fitting tribute to the men and women who lost their lives during 9/11. Send the WTC to the tip of the spear.

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Air Force: No Blogs For You

The Air Force has determined that airmen will find no useful information on blogs. Thus, from this point forward the Air Force will block all websites with “blog” in the name. A spokesman for the Air Force explained that sites such as the New York Times will be authorized, because it is a reputable media outlet. Reputable? Does anyone remember Jayson Blair?

To suggest that any site with “blog” in its name has no useful information for servicemembers is preposterous. Take for example CAAFlog, a blog administered by a Marine Corps colonel dedicated to news and opinion on military justice and the latest developments in case law from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces. No useful information there.

Also there is a bit of irony in the Air Force’s move vis-à-vis CAAFLog. The Marine Corps colonel who administers CAAFlog is employed by the Air Force as a civilian working for the Air Force Appellate Government Division representing servicemembers during their criminal appeals. Just to keep things straight, the Air Force has hired Col Sullivan, precisely for his education, experience, and opinions, yet members of the Air Force are prohibited from accessing a blog he administers, which relates to the subject matter for which he was hired. Is there a disconnect?

Let us hope that this does not spread to the other services.

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Upgrades To President’s Helicopter To Cost Additional One Billion Dollars

According to Aviation Week, the Navy, specifically the Marine Corps, will stick with the US 101, aka the VH-71, helicopter for the helicopter version of Air Force One, known as Marine One. The upgrades will cost an additional $1 billion, on top of the original $6.1 billion price tag. The Navy had also considered the Sikorsky H-3s as an alternative airframe.
The original decision by the Navy to select the VH-71 caused some controversy because the aircraft is manufactured by a foreign company. The VH-71 is manufactured by AgustaWestland, a joint partnership between British and Italian companies.

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