Cooking North Carolina Pulled Pork Or Pork Butt On A Big Green Egg

Smoking a pork butt will take 12-18 hours, so plan ahead so you are not eating at midnight.  Also, because of the the time it takes to cook, I find it better to cook at least 2 butts.  Leftovers keep well, so make some extra.

Much of this recipe was as a result of trial and error and from this great post by Elder Ward.


After gathering your ingredients, follow these steps.Pork Shoulder Roast Butt Whole in Cryovac (2)

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How To: Cook Beef Ribs On The Big Green Egg

I normally cook baby back ribs, but for a change I tried some beef ribs.


Note: I prepared each rack with a difference recipe.  Rack 1 – EVOO and beef rub,  Rack 2 – yellow mustard and pork rub.

Beef ribs in package

Here are the steps for cooking, or smoking, beef ribs:

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