Review of Spyderco Captain

I recently purchased a Spyderco  Captain.  This is my third Spyderco.  I purchased this knife from PDQ Blades.  Great customer service and fast shipping.

This knife is no longer made by Spyderco, but you can still find it on ebay and other sites.

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USC Football Preseason Rank 2011

The times have changed at USC.  The ESPN 2011 top 25 rankings does not include the Trojans.  These are not the days of Pete Carroll.

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New Addition to Blogroll: lifeofdunbar

Are you a government employee, federal or state?  If so, you will enjoy the reflections in the newest addition to Dreadnaught’s blogroll: lifeofdunbar


This blog is for those who possess the faculties of reason yet somehow thrive in service to their country.

A respite for those who understand the government and who are frightened by that very fact.


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