Blogroll Addition: Stuff White People Like

The newest addition to Dreadnaught’s blogroll is Stuff White People Like, This blog is devoted to stuff that white people like.

This blog takes a humorous and insightful look at things that appeal mainly to whitey. Here are some examples:

Air Force: No Blogs For You

The Air Force has determined that airmen will find no useful information on blogs. Thus, from this point forward the Air Force will block all websites with “blog” in the name. A spokesman for the Air Force explained that sites such as the New York Times will be authorized, because it is a reputable media outlet. Reputable? Does anyone remember Jayson Blair?

To suggest that any site with “blog” in its name has no useful information for servicemembers is preposterous. Take for example CAAFlog, a blog administered by a Marine Corps colonel dedicated to news and opinion on military justice and the latest developments in case law from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces. No useful information there.

Also there is a bit of irony in the Air Force’s move vis-à-vis CAAFLog. The Marine Corps colonel who administers CAAFlog is employed by the Air Force as a civilian working for the Air Force Appellate Government Division representing servicemembers during their criminal appeals. Just to keep things straight, the Air Force has hired Col Sullivan, precisely for his education, experience, and opinions, yet members of the Air Force are prohibited from accessing a blog he administers, which relates to the subject matter for which he was hired. Is there a disconnect?

Let us hope that this does not spread to the other services.

yojoe (in protect-blogs mode) out

RIP William F. Bukley Jr.

On 27FEB08, William F. Bukley Jr. died in Stamford, Connecticut. WFB is the reasons to use a clipboard, among his many other accomplishments. Condolences to this family.

yojoe out


Jonathan Lee Riches© v. Duke, Chiquita, Sherwin-Williams, Alexander Ovechkin

It has been some time since the JLR has filed a lawsuit, or at least some time since a lawsuit has been published. Well, Jonathan Lee Riches© is back and is his want he has selected an eclectic group of defendants.

As usual, these complaints are as odd as they are amusing.

yojoe© out

We Are Blackwater: New Book From Blackwater Worldwide CEO Erik Prince

The CEO and owner of Blackwater Worldwide, Erik D. Prince, has signed a book deal with Regnery Publishing. The book is billed as,

the only insider’s account of the controversial company that has supplied bodyguards and support-and-rescue personnel to hot spots around the world, Continue reading

College Football Recruiting: Mike Stoops Accuses Arizona State Of Becoming A Junior College

On national signing day, University of Arizona head football coach Mike Stoops said that Arizona State has “turned into a J.C.” Stoops made thisMDJFDXAPMQFXOGJ.20051005172018.jpg comment, suggesting that Dennis Erickson, head football of Arizona State, was accepting recruits with lower academic standards. Stoops was likely trying to explain is lack of success as coach of the Wildcats. In contrast to Stoops, Coach Erickson finished his first year at A St with a record of 10-3. It took until the middle of his third year for Stoops to get his 10th win.

Mike Stoops at Arizona has compiled the following record:

2004 – 3-8
2005 – 3-8
2006 – 6-6
2007 – 5-7

The Wildcats under Stoops have amassed the impressive winning percentage of 0.36957, placing the Cats at number 93 in winning percentage of major college football teams. The only Pac-10 team below Arizona is Stanford.

If Stoops it suggesting that the awe-inspiring academic standards of U of A is the reason for his lack of success on the field, this argument does not survive scrutiny. In academic standing, Arizona (as ranked by U.S. News & World Report) ranks behind all of the California teams, Continue reading

USC Football Recruiting: Commits On Signing Day 2008 And Team Ranking

The Trojans ended the day ranked number 13 according to and ranked as number 10 according to One of the reasons for the lower ranked class this year is the number of commits. SC only had 18 commits, but the average star rank was 3.89 (2nd highest in the county). Thus, while the Men of Troy may have been surpassed in quantity, the quality was present as always. This is the 2008 class:

  1. Nicholas Perry
  2. T.J. Bryant
  3. Jurrell Casey
  4. Brian Baucham
  5. Malik Jackson Continue reading