UCLA v. Tennessee: Quarterback Kevin Craft Shines In Second Half

Kevin Craft has been outstanding during the 2nd half for UCLA against Tennessee.  During the 1st half he threw 4 interceptions.  This is a great game. (this coming from a Trojan fan)

The UCLA defense has been bringing it, especially in the 2nd half.  Not a bad showing by the Pac-10.  Tennessee goes up by 4 with 1:54 to play.

UCLA comes back with a very good 2-minute offense.  UCLA scores a TD with :27 remaining.  That was a flawless 2-minute drill and Craft was as good as any QB in the country on that drive.

Tennessee kicks FG to take the game to OT.

Tennessee missed FG from 34 in OT

Final Score:


Tenn -24

Here is the play-by-play coverage.

YMSWWC will have all the Tennessee coverage you need.

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