Notes On Refinancing A Home

Having just completed the paperwork necessary to refinance a home mortgage, it is appropriate to share a few thoughts.

First, there is a reason people hate lawyers, to wit, the preposterous number of signatures required.  For a simple refinance, same residence no second mortgage, it required a total of 32 signatures and 14 initials to consummate all of the necessary documents.

Second, why is it essential to disclose one’s race and ethnicity to borrow money?

Third, it was in sum a positive move.  The refinance resulted in a 5-1 ARM at %4.5.

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P.S.   Premier Lending Group, Brian Baker,  was very helpful in making this loan happen.

Jonathan Lee Riches©To Be Named Most Litigious Man By The Guinness Book Of World Records

Jonathan Lee Riches©Jonathan Lee Riches©, or the JRL as he is known on Dreadnaught, is back in the news.  The inmate from Federal Correctional Institution Williamsburg, SC, is to be named the most litigious man by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Here are some of the JRL‘s lawsuits for your reading pleasure:

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Burning Of Witches In Africa: Video Of Accused Witches Being Murdered

Until recently I was blissfully ignorant of the burning of suspected witches in Africa.  This is an unbelievable problem, and one that is not getting sufficient attention.  Apparently Kenya, specifically the area around Kisii, is plagued with witch burnings.

In May 2008, eleven people were burned to death,

The mob dragged them out of their houses and burned them individually and then set their homes alight, our correspondent says. Enoch Obiero, a Pentecostal minister, says the mob came to his door and dismembered his wife, a retired schoolteacher.

In February 2009, five people were burnt to death, (video below, caution the video is disturbing)

“They include four women and a man in their 80’s who were accused of having abducted a child,” Kisii deputy police Commander Manasseh Musyoka said yesterday.

This practice has been ongoing for some time in this area,

In 1993, eight elderly people from Kisii were also accused of witchcraft and burned to death in their huts by a mob.

These killings are not limited to the Kisii area, witch burnings have also occurred in the Malindi district of Kenya.  From the Daily Nation,

“I can confirm that seven elderly people have been lynched on suspicion of practicing witchcraft in my Gongoni Location in a relatively short time,” said district officer Patrick ole Ntutu.According to statistics from the local police station, at least 14 elderly people had been killed between last year and January in Magarini constituency alone. . . . In just two months, five elderly people have been hacked to death by gangs of youths purporting to be cleansing the villages of witchcraft.

A government official in Kenya commented on the burning of 15 women accused of being witches,

“This is unacceptable. People must not take the law into their own hands simply because they suspected someone,” said Mwangi Ngunyi, the head of Nyamaiya district. “We will hunt the suspects down,” he added.

Though he condemned vigilante acts, Mr. Ngunyi stated that the government will hunt the suspects down.  Suspects?  These people are suspected of being witches.  How in the world is the government going to “hunt” these people?  This also reveals that government officials believe in witchcraft.  What can possibly be done to stop these horrific murders if government officials believe in witches?

This is abhorrent and must be stopped.

A final word of caution: this video is graphic and disturbing.

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One Of The Problems With The English Language: The Same Word Having Opposite Meanings

As observed in this VC post, contranyms should be avoided,

[T]he Court has sanctioned the use of speech as evidence in establishing that ….

Is that “sanctioned” in the sense of “approved” or in the sense of “punished” (a common use of the term “sanction” in litigation)? The reader should be able to figure this out from context, but it’s usually better not to put the reader to the work of having to do that, or risk even briefly leading the reader in the wrong direction.

A word I have always found vexing in the military context is “secure.”


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Connecticut Judge Curtissa Cofield Arrested For DUI Calls Officer Negro Washington

2008 was the year of Judge Elizabeth Halverson.  First Judge Halverson was removed from the bench for misconduct, then she was attacked by her husband,  Her husband pleaded guilty to domestic battery and she lost her reelection bid.

That was 2008, it is now 2009 and we have Judge Curtissa Cofield of Hartford, CT.

Judge Cofield was arrested and charged with a DUI after she ran her BMW into a state trooper’s vehicle.  A recent video was released showing Judge Cofield referring to the arresting officer as “Negro Washington.”  She then asked the officer “if a Negro was sent to arrest a Negro.”

Finally, Judge Cofield explained her conduct.  She stated that she “was suffering from Negroitis.”

Here is an article by Judge Cofield wherein she explains that underage drinking is a crime.  Not quite irony, but close.

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