Air Force To Buy 300 Sony PlayStation 3

As reported on Kotaku, the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory intends to purchase 300 PlayStation 3 40GB gaming systems. The reason for theps3.jpg purchase is not clear, though the Air Force maintains it is for “conducting a technology assessment of certain cell processors.”

Apparently Air Force personnel are prohibited from viewing blogs, but playing a PlayStation is acceptable.

yojoe out

No Link Between Violent Video Games And Aggressive Behavior

A recent study in Psychiatric Quarterly, by Christopher John Ferguson, reports on a meta-analytic review of studies, published since 1995, analyzing the effects of video game play. The Ferguson study concludes that the previous studies of video game violence provided no support for the hypothesis that violent video game playing is associated with higher aggression.

This recent study was quite unnecessary. Aggression and violence are not a product of video games, these attributes are part of the human condition. Take Gaius Caesar Augustus Germanicus (Caligula) Continue reading