Reggie Bush Sued By Sports Marketer

Former Trojan great, Reggie Bush has been sued by Loyd Lake. Lake is seeking to recoup approximately $300,000 in cash and gifts he allegedly gave to the Bush family during Reggie’s sophomore and junior seasons at USC.

Once again, Reggie Bush faces litigation in the wake of the failed New Era venture. (US Presswire)

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Oregon Coach Mike Bellotti’s Wife Attacks Sports Writer During USC Game

Mike Bellotti Colleen Bellotti Over at YMSWWC there is a great post about Oregon football Coach Mike Bellotti’s wife, Colleen Bellotti attacking a sports writer because he reported on her son’s multiple DUI convictions.


She leaned in, grabbed by my suit lapel, and lit into Continue reading

Moscow Court Sentences Serial Killer to Life in Prison: Alexander Pichushkin Claims to Have Killed 61

Alexander Pichushkin in Moscow courtroomAlexander Pichushkin killed, according to him, 61 people in a murder spree that lasted from 1992 until his arrest in 2006. Pichushkin killed his victims by drowning them in a sewer or bludgeoning them with a hammer. According to Pichushkin, he planned to kill 64 victims, one for each square on a chessboard. The murders all took place in a section of Moscow.

Strange, from looking at the guy you would never have pegged him as a serial killer.

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Remembrance Of Better Days

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USC v. Oregon Preview: Mark Sanchez To Start At Quarterback

As the Men of Troy head to Eugene to face the 5th-ranked Ducks, Coach Pete Carroll has made the decision to give Mark Sanchez his third start. Sanchez had four touchdown passes last week against Notre Dame.

Another start

John David Booty has yet to recover from the broken finger he suffered on 6OCT07 in the Trojans’ loss to Stanford.

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USC v. Oregon: Prediction And Injury Report For John David Booty

The Trojans of USC will play Oregon on 27OR October 2007. Oregon comes in ranked 5th in the BCS, while USC is ranked 12th. The Trojan offense has been improving with Mark Sanchez at quarterback and Joe McKnight seeing more carries. This is, however, difficult to measure because the defense of Notre Dame could make any team look good.

John David Booty continues to improve, after the injury to his finger suffered in the loss to Stanford. According to Coach Carroll, it will be a difficult decision on who to start. Coach Carroll said the JDB is “real close,” to returning to full strength. Continue reading

Background Paper: Transfer of Nuclear Missiles From Minot to Barksdale

In August 2007 it was revealed that there was an unauthorized transfer of armed nuclear missiles, aboard a B-52 Stratofortress, from Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota to Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana.

The procedural errors that led to the mishap have been identified: Continue reading

Jonathan Lee Riches v. Blackwater USA

Jonathan Lee Riches©In a complaint entitled “Contract Killing My Life,” the JLR takes on Blackwater USA and others.


The text of the complaint:



Jonathan Lee Riches©, Plaintiff v. Blackwater USA; Blackwater Security Consulting Inc.; Blackwater Lodge and Training Center Inc.; Erik Prince d/b/a Blackwater Fonder; The Prince Group; Halliburton Inc.; Kellogg Brown & Root Services Inc “KBR”; L-3 Communications Titan Corporation; CACI International Inc.; Bechtel Corporation; Raytheon Aerospace Company; Triple Canopy Inc.; URS Corporation; Dyncorp International, Defendants.

Comes now the Plaintiff, Jonathan Lee Riches©, In Hiding from these contract killers, Continue reading

USC v Notre Dame Highlights: TD Run By Joe McKnight

In a previous post, Trojan Joe McKnight showed his speed and ability to break away. McKnight again shows his ability against Notre Dame in this run.

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Southern California Man Lies About Being Awarded The Medal Of Honor: Will Be First Prosecution Under Stolen Valor Act

Xavier Alvarez of the Three Valleys Municipal Water District in California will be the first person prosecuted under the Stolen Valor Act of 2005.

The Act makes it a crime for a person to falsely represent “himself or herself, verbally, or in writing, to have been awarded any decoration or medal authorized by Congress for the Armed Forces of the United States . . . .” A violation of the Act is punishable by a fine or imprisonment for not more than one year, or both. The prosecution is being brought by the United States Attorney’s Office for the Central District of California. Alvarez does not deny he claimed to have been awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor, he claims he did it “just to entertain the public.” Continue reading

Game of the Day – Blocks

Block Game

Staph Infection: Hyperbacteria MRSA Must Be Denounced

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is an infection caused by the Staphylococcus aureus bacteria, also known as “staph.” The staph bacteria can cause illness and the real-bad illness known as death.

Dreadnaught is officially coming out against staph, and its related infections such as impetigo. This stuff is way bad.

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P.S. Sorry for the strong political stance, but this had to be said.

Maps of War and History of Religon

History of Religion shows the start and spread of the major religions through time.

This map shows the History of the Middle East over time, from 1450 B.C. to present.


The Number 2 Bulls of South Florida Fall to the Scarlet Knights of Rutgers

The #2 team in the nation, University of South Florida Bulls, lost to Rutgers by the score of 27-30. Again, a ranked team loses to an unranked opponent. This college-football season continues to vex the polls. What other ranked teams will be upset this weekend?


Jonathan Lee Riches© Lawsuits For Week Ending 19OCT07

Jonathan Lee Riches© (known on Dreadnaught as the JLR) has filed a number of complaints in the past week:

Jonathan Lee Riches© v. Eric Robert Rudolph, et al – “My name is Jonathan Lee Riches. I’m very high profile.” Continue reading

USC v. Notre Dame: Mark Sanchez To Start At Quarterback

As the Men of Troy travel to South Bend to take on the Fighting Irish, third-year Mark Sanchez prepares to be the starting quarterback for only the second time in his career. Coach Carroll has put Sanchez off limits to the press, stating, “I know how excited he is. I need to calm him down.” The Trojans (5-1) are going for their 6th straight win against the Irish (6-1). Continue reading

Army JAG Corps Advertises On Websites For Homosexuals

Several military job listings are posted below

The Army JAG Corps posted advertisements on the website, a website targeted and gays and lesbians. Given the ban on openly gay service in the U.S. military – a policy known as “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” – it seems incongruous to advertise on a website targeting the gay and lesbian community.

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Top Internet Searches

What are your best, or most interesting, internet searches? For a great list, see the post at The Leaky Brain. This is a great post.

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Jonathan Lee Riches© v. Coca-Cola, Pepsi Cola, Briar’s, B&E Juices, Glaceau Vitamin Water, 50 Cent, Canada Dry

Jonathan Lee Riches© (known on Dreadnaught as the JLR) has filed his most recent complaint entitled Jonathan Lee Riches© v. Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc, Pepsi Cola Bottling Group Inc., Briar’s USA, B&E Juices Energy Brands, Glaceau Vitimin Water, 50 Cent A/K/A Curtis Jackson, Canada Dry Bottling Co.

This complaint approaches the surreal, as Dreadnaught is named in the complaint. The text of the complaint is as follows:


1. Since Feb 25th, 2003, Defendants are in a vast conspiracy to use my copyrighted trademarked name Jonathan Lee Riches© on their products, and advertisements without my consent. Continue reading

College Football: No 1 LSU and No 2 Cal Both Lose. Who Will Be No 1?

California Golden BearsLSU lost to Kentuckey in overtime. Cal loses to Orgeon State at home.LSU Tigers What is going to happen to the top ranking? This is a strange season in college footbal. Will South Florida be the first-ranked team in the nation?

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