Connecticut Judge Curtissa Cofield Arrested For DUI Calls Officer Negro Washington

2008 was the year of Judge Elizabeth Halverson.  First Judge Halverson was removed from the bench for misconduct, then she was attacked by her husband,  Her husband pleaded guilty to domestic battery and she lost her reelection bid.

That was 2008, it is now 2009 and we have Judge Curtissa Cofield of Hartford, CT.

Judge Cofield was arrested and charged with a DUI after she ran her BMW into a state trooper’s vehicle.  A recent video was released showing Judge Cofield referring to the arresting officer as “Negro Washington.”  She then asked the officer “if a Negro was sent to arrest a Negro.”

Finally, Judge Cofield explained her conduct.  She stated that she “was suffering from Negroitis.”

Here is an article by Judge Cofield wherein she explains that underage drinking is a crime.  Not quite irony, but close.

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Update On New Air Force One: To Be Made In America

imgres It was previously reported that the new Air Force One may not be built in the United States. Now, according to Aviation Week, Airbus is not planning to compete for the contract.

That leaves only Boeing as the only competitor for the president’s new aircraft.

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More on the president’s aircraft:

New Air Force One May Be Made In Europe Not America

Upgrades To President’s Helicopter To Cost Additional One Billion Dollars

The police should leave us alone and let us sell our weed

The title of this post is a quote from Antoine Blalock, a DC resident who was convicted for possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Recently, Mr. Blalock’s case was on appeal at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit.  The facts of the case were less than normal,

Blalock drove to the Seventh District Police Station on Alabama Avenue S.E. in May 2007. He pulled a handgun from the trunk and started firing, shooting in the air outside the station. Five shots. He shouted, according to court records, “The police should leave us alone and let us sell our weed!”

Blalock complied with demands to drop his gun—and he did not stop there. He dropped his pants, standing naked before officers wrapped him up in a towel. Police seized 23 bags of marijuana. Blalock told police he wanted to “throw weed” and shoot the gun to get recognition from a record label.

For more on marijuana, see the devastating rope shortage facing California.

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H/T: The BLT

How To Grill Tri Tip On A Big Green Egg

A tri-tip is a cut of beef from just below the bottom sirloin, usually about a 3 lbs cut.  The tri-tip used in this recipe was 4 lbs.  This cut first became popular in Santa Maria, CA.  

If you want to use a pre-marinated tri-tip, or this cut is not available in your local area, you can not go wrong with Harris Ranch Santa Maria Tri Tip.

If you buy a tri-tip that is not seasoned, I have used a rub that is 1/2 Dizzy Dust All-Purpose Rub and 1/2 Big Green Egg Gourmet Seasoning.


  1. Cover tri-tip with rub, place in a Ziploc bag and refrigerate overnight. Continue reading