Judge Elizabeth Halverson Update: Surgery On Skull

Judge Elizabeth Halverson is the Las Vegas judge accused of abusing her bailiff and other staff members.  She was eventually suspended, and a misconduct hearing was conducted.

One of the complaints against Halverson was that she would, “put her husband under oath to ask if the house was clean.”  Apparently Mr. Halverson tired of the abuse and took matters into his own Edward Halverson's mug shot.hands.

Edward Halverson is accused of beating Judge Halverson with a frying pan.  The injuries required Judge Halverson to undergo surgery to repair skull fractures.

According to reports,

According to the arrest report, when police arrived at the scene, they found Edward Halverson wearing only camouflage shorts covered in blood. There was also blood on his arms, legs, and his back.

The report also detailed the condition in which police found Elizabeth Halverson. She was apparently found on the bed in the master bedroom, bleeding profusely from her head due to a large, gaping wound.

Officers also observed bruising on her chest, right hand, and right eye, and a cut on her right cheek.

Halverson reportedly told police that she believed her husband was trying to kill her and may have tried to cover it up by using bleach to clean the blood splattered throughout their bedroom.

According to the police report, officers did find a bottle of bleach in a trash can inside the master bedroom.

yojoe out

P.S. Despite the horrendous conduct of Judge Halverson, Dreadnaught, does not, under any circumstances, condone domestic violence.

3 Responses

  1. Ed Halverson should never be let out of jail. This man is the biggest liar and con artist I have ever met. He is a creaton that should never be let out of jail.

  2. “she thinks that her husband was trying to kill her”….what gave it away…the profuse bleeding from her head? I think he SNAPPED.

  3. […] Halverson.  First Judge Halverson was removed from the bench for misconduct, then she was attacked by her husband,  Her husband pleaded guilty to domestic battery and she lost her reelection […]

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