Oregon Ducks 2009 Football Uniforms

The Oregon Ducks, with help from Nike, have done it again, they have come up with new uniforms for the 2009 football season that are even uglier than last season.  And that is saying something, considering the previous uniforms were the worst in all of sports.  Not only are the unis repugnant, they are also versatile with 80 different combinations.  Eighty combinations?  How may games do they plan on playing this season?  Put down the hippy lettuce Oregon and just play football.

yojoe Fight On!

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  1. Hippy lettuce? Are you dim? The reason why the U of O has the worst uniforms in the world is because nike feels compelled to waste the university’s money on stupid stuff. If it were up to the “hippies” at Oregon there would be much less money spent on football and more money spent on education.

  2. Tom – Good point. If the hippies were in charge there would be no U of O football. My point is that Oregon football has improved so much over the past 15 years, there is so much more to it than 80 uniform combinations. The team should not be a billboard for Nike. Thanks for the comment.


  3. You guys are retarded. Who cares if they want cooler uniforms or not?? Who cares what they look like?? That is what makes they look different from other teams. The Ducks play good, and look good at the same time. Seems like you all must be beaver fans!

  4. fucking retarted looking.

  5. anonymous– that is funny on so many levels

  6. I feel like Oregon is Nike’s guinea pig. Nike uses them to show off new uniform ideas in hopes that other organizations will buy into them in the future. Nike is essentially saying, “Everyone look how trendy we are!” Nonetheless, all combinations of the new Oregon uniforms are horrid. Oregon fans may wanna tune into games on the radio this season…

  7. It so SO TRENDY to jump on the “Oregon’s uniforms are ugly” bandwagon. It’s been this way for a few years now. Please, someone look at that picture above and tell us, SPECIFICALLY, what they find so “ugly” about those uniforms.

    Look at the gray one on the far left… with what looks like a silver-ish, chrome-like helmet. That uniform is INSANELY radical. I love it. The black one next to it, which they wore last year, with the all black (logo included) helmet is completely awesome as well.

    All of the colors – including the yellow – are great. None of them are out of the ordinary. The pants are all solid colors… absolutely NOTHING “ugly” can be said about them. The wing pattern on the jersey shoulders are actually an improvement over the corrugated steel look of years past.

    And, no, just because they have the capability of umpteen combinations, that doesn’t mean they’re UGLY. Besides, who really CARES how many combinations they can field… You know what? They’ll use 13 “combinations” this year. That’s it. And more than likely, a few of those will be repeated. This obsession with how many uniforms they can wear is just stupid.

    C’mon, people. Why don’t you jump off this ridiculous bandwagon and go back to making fun of our mascot like you always used to do…. These uniforms are KILLER.

  8. It’s me again… I did a little research (didn’t have to go far).

    So, regarding that gray uniform I referenced in my previous post: The helmet is indeed silver, from afar, but up close it has a carbon fiber look to it. Let me just say…:

    In my opinion, that new gray and white Oregon Duck football uniform with the “carbon fiber” helmet might be the BEST looking uniform in all of college football. It is absolutely amazing.

    Go ahead, bring on the ridiculous hate.

    Go hard, go Oregon, go Ducks.

  9. speaking of combinations…

    2009 Oregon Ducks uniforms:


  10. I agree with tim. Besides the wings on the shoulder pads, which are not overdone, the uniforms contain nothing but solid colors. “OOOHHH SOOO UGGGLYY!!!” Maybe your just looking in the mirror.

  11. More issues related to the Nike guinea pigs/dress up dolls at Oregon here: http://www.youtube.com/luddite333

  12. The once drab Ducks have molted into FAN-TAB-U-LOUS peacocks!

  13. You know what, half of those jersey combos dont even have the school colors its like there trying to get away from green and yellow to like black and siver. I think the throw back jerseys they used on the 26th against CAL looked fine. They should just use that and you opposite colors and white for away jerseys.

  14. Did you know they get all the uniforms for free because the owner of nike went to school at oregon.

  15. Zach –

    A am aware that they get the uniforms for free. All major teams get their uniforms for free. ND, UCLA, Nebraska = Adidas Florida, Miami, Alabama, Oklahoma, Penn St. USC = Nike, Texas Tech, Auburn, South Florida = Under Armour.

    All major college football teams are sponsored, meaning they get their uniforms for free. Look at Miami, they get new uniforms every year. While Penn St., Alabama, and USC have very traditional uniforms.

    The bottom line, even if these teams were paid to have 100 uniform combinations, it would be an abomination. College football is about tradition.


  16. Crappy school, crappy teams, crappy uniforms. At least they’re consistent.

  17. cute

  18. why does the oregon ducks wear arm bands.


  19. If we didn’t know better, we might guess the players’ moms were asked to run up the uniforms on the home sewing maching. Uggggly! and the wings! OMG. It’s a good thing the players inside the uniforms are playing so well this season.

  20. ya fuckin retards oregon is good and cool lookin so stop bein jealous you pussyies

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  22. I just clicked on Oregon Ducks football and it took me to this page. Duck supporters will never see it. Ducks haters will never like it. Those who don’t care either way are more offended by the 80 combinations than the looks themselves. Aesthetically, I personally am not a fan of the wings which are on most of the uniforms (including all 5 here) On the yellow one it’s more obvious, but they look too small and should reach out to the edge of the shoulder pads in my opinion…it looks like it got bedazzled on. Also, I’m not a fan of the font they use for the numbers so the 7 and the 2 look really cheap to me. I work with designers, so that’s a big reason I’m not a fan. Also, though not all schools have names on their jerseys, most do, and their white jerseys (depending on the combo), and black or dark, dark green ones, sometimes you can’t even read the names cause it’s the same color as the jersey…so why bother? It’s not envy, it’s just a waste of money. Stick with your school colors. Stick with a design that looks good at home and on the road, and play football. The fact that there’s a big splash every year of what they’ll wear next and they aren’t always cool looking (unless of course you are a UofO fan again)…is why people make fun of them and have jumped on this bandwagon. There are some helmet designs that they get that are pretty cool. This year’s feathered white helmet with the O on the back is not bad. And the silver metallic one as well…but again, their colors are yellow and green…not white, not black, etc…

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