Navy Over Notre Dame

Charlie Weis made history in 2007 by losing to Navy for the first time in 44 years.  He did it again today by losing to Navy  23 – 21.

This takes Notre Dame out of the BCS, with their third loss of the season.

This should increase the calls for Charlie Weis to be fired.  As mentioned here, here, and, here, Notre Dame needs a new coach.

Another note on the game, specifically on the coverage by NBC, the praise for Jimmy Clausen is getting worse every game.  Praising Clausen for his ability to make comeback wins in the 4th quarter is more of an indictment of Notre Dame.  They are losing for most of the quarters they play.  That is not a good thing.

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Notre Dame To Lose Tenth Bowl Game Against Hawaii

Notre DameThe Fighting Irish will try to avoid losing their tenth straight bowl game against Hawaii.

The last time Notre Dame won a bowl game was the Cotton Bowl against Texas A&M in 1994, then the losses started:

  • 1995 L, 24-41 – Colorado – Fiesta Bowl
  • 1996 L, 26-31 – Florida State – Orange Bowl
  • 1997 L, 9-27 – LSU – Independence Bowl
  • 1999 L, 28-35 – Georgia Tech – Gator Bowl
  • 2001 L, 9-41 – Oregon State – Fiesta Bowl
  • 2003 L, 6-28 – NC State – Gator Bowlimage
  • 2004 L, 21-38 – Oregon State – Bowl
  • 2006 L, 34-20 – Ohio State – Fiesta Bowl
  • 2007 L, 41-14 – LSU – Sugar Bowl
  • 2008 L, 28-10 – Hawaii – Sheraton Hawaii (prediction)

This record-setting loss should renew the calls for Charlie Weis to be fired.

yojoe out

P.S. This is why I do not bet on sports.  I must eat my words.  Notre Dame had a great game, dominating the entire game.  Jimmy Clausen threw for 401 yards, and the Irish dominated 49-21.  An early Christmas gift for ND fans.  Congratulations!