Charlie Weis Claims Moral Victory After Loss To USC

Note Dame coach, Charlie “I Looked at Myself and Saw a Disaster” Weis clamed the 2009 loss to USC was a moral victory.  Irish fans have to understand that Weis can not turn this team around in just five seasons, despite the fact that his team will, in “every game . . . have a decided schematic advantage.”  You must understand, he is suffering from the poor recruiting done by Ty Willingham.

Again, you can not expect Weis to turn the program around in just five seasons.  It has taken a number of head coaches to get their teams to national championships.  Nick Saban did it in his 4th season, Pete Carroll did it in his 3rd season, Bob Stoops did it in his 2nd season, and Urban Meyer did it in his 2nd season.  Well, those are all less than the five seasons Weis has had, but it is different for Weis.  Not sure how it is different, but it is.

It can not be Charlie Weis’s fault, he is just too great of a coach.  Remember Charlie Weis making history last season by losing to Navy for the first time in 44 years.  That was also Willingham’s fault.  Don’t blame Weis.

This post just does not seem right.  Could it be that Charlie Weis is the problem?

If you want to know what is wrong with Charlie Weis, one need only to listen to the comments he made coming off the field.

We ran a combination route where Golden got doubled, which we thought he would, over on the right-hand side.  He did, over on the right-hand side.  We were going to to to a high-low or to the left and when Duval came out of the break he slipped coming out of the break. He was open, but he slipped, slipped, slipped coming out of the route.


I am a great coach.  I made the correct call.  I had an unbeatable scheme.  It was all Duval Kamara’s fault.

Pathetic.  Be a head coach.  Take responsibility, don’t blame a player.  Notre Dame deserves a better coach than Charlie Weis.

yojoe Fight On!

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