Should I Replace Big Green Egg With Primo Grill?

For some time now I have owned a Big Green Egg. The problem is that I have a medium BGE, and I need more room for grilling.  I am considering replacing my BGE with a Primo Oval XL.  If anyone out there has any experience, either positive or negative, with the Primo I would be grateful to hear from you.

I hate to lose my BGE, but I just need more room.

yojoe out

Update:  I have purchased the Primo Oval XL.  I will post a review soon.

Update II: I have posted a review of the Primo Oval XL.

Here are some of my BGE recipes:

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  1. I have a large BGE, and I contemplate what to do about more capacity as well. I’m not sure that I can get the capacity that I’d like to have with any ceramic on the market.

    I’d be interested to know what you decide, though.


  2. Braddog –
    Thanks for the thoughts. The Primo has the extended cooking racks that should make for more grill area. I will let you know how it works.

  3. When I was in Italy I used a Lepage (or something like that grill). It made the food (I know this sounds wierd) sticky. I hope you have better luck than I did.

  4. So go out and buy the giant green egg model. It is huge and also keep your current medium size green egg. You will be much happier.

  5. I’d go for the Oval large if I were you. Lots of space and choice to work with.

  6. Keith and John – The one thing that keeps me looking at the Primo is ability to have the fire confined to one side, using the firebox divider. But no matter which I chose I will keep the med BGE.

  7. Any time I buy an expensive household item that will get hard use, LOCAL dealer support always has the final say as to which brand I buy. In my area, there are several family owned stores w/in 25 min that stock/sell green eggs. After 6 years of high temp searing (steaks), my fire box cracked. Called my dealer, THEY pulled my purchase/warranty information, I drove 25 minutes, gave them the broken fire box & out the door with a new fire box, no charge, cooking 2 hours later. While there, bought a new gasket & a cast iron cooking grid. Best $50 I ever spent, sear ability is unreal. After reading some technical reviews on the Grill Dome, it seams they “may” have made some improvements over the egg (thicker ceramics, stainless hardware, better springs, color choices) and if I were to get another ceramic cooker I would seriously consider a G/D IF THERE WAS A LOCAL DEALER, but at this time there are NO G/D dealers in my area NJ and I don’t want any part of having a heavy fragile item shipped & then put up with years of frustration dealing with online warranty issues & shipping/handling costs with potentially heavy replacement parts covered by warranty. The Large egg has been the best grill I ever cooked on and has amazed several chefs that came over and saw it in action. Nothing cooks like a ceramic cooker and the green egg does it very well.

  8. Should have added that the Big Green Egg is the only brand that has dealers in my area so my reasoning as to the importance of local dealer support applies to all brands of ceramic cookers. Wish the situation would change, larger variety would be great & price would probably come down.

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  10. I’ve seen Primo’s and Big Green Eggs at work (I’ve used both types personally. Both excellent products, the Big Green Egg is made in Mexico, and the Primo is made in the USA right here in Norcross, GA. I’ve been to their factory and the people they employ, very proud craftsman. My mouth dropped with the state of the Art facility.

    I like the Oval size Primo, the larger capacity Primo’s provide ample room so I can fit in it a whole suckling pig, and with short shipping times I don’t think any type of warranty will be a problem.

  11. I’ve cooked on both, many times. Hands down the BGE holds temp better and seems to have tastier food. The big thing that got me to stay with the Egg and sell my Primo is the Warranty..Lifetime -vs- 20 year.

  12. I believe you are from the Washington, DC area. If that is correct, where do find Tri Tips?? I live in southern MD and have been unsuccessful. Only in Cali

  13. Courtney –

    Trader Joe’s has Tri Tips.

  14. The Primo is great you can read a review and see some video’s of the Primo Ceramic grill I think you will be impressed

    Curtis Maybin

  15. I looked at both the XL BGE and the XL Oval. After looking carefully, and also looking at the support AND availability of parts etc, I went with the BGE. It actually has LARGER total cooking surface than the Primo. Also, the seller for me is the dealer had both, and one was an older display model Primo – the hinge mechanism on the XL BGE is superior – it is a little like a cantilever – much easier to control that giant heavy dome.

    You’ll like either, but all-in-all, there is just more support for BGE (including superior hinge support)!

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  17. primo all the way, primo service is amazing. the green eggs sucks, primo’s oval shape allows you to cook indirectly when green eggs dont. primo’s are made in America, green eggs are made in Mexico. Do i relly need to keep going. haha i hope you make the right choice!

  18. I’m looking for my first ceramic grill and debating between these 2. The Primo dealer is just 5 minutes away and the Big Green Egg dealer is about 45 minutes away but I work in that area so that’s not really an issue. They’re both very expensive here in Canada so doing my research. Any help would be apreciated

  19. I have both. If you want a large one, go with the Primo. I like it better because you can divide the firebox.

  20. I also am looking also. Today a customer service rep at BGE hung up on me when I asked the third question about their warranty service. I guess customer service is not taught much these days. And now I find the BGE is made in Mexico. We have enough illegals here already. I hate to support them more.

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  22. The Primo stinks. I have had a BGE and loved, loved, loved it, lost it in the divorce….researched and I like others thought the Primo Oval would give me more cooking surface and did a lot of research, purchased one and hate, hate, hate it. The thing will not hold a temp long enough to cook anything. Nothing like the BGE Those who claim it is a good smoker have never cooked on a BGE and have not experienced a great smoker like the BGE!!!

  23. Pretty great post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wished to say that I’ve really enjoyed browsing your weblog posts. In any case I will be subscribing for your feed and I hope you write once more very soon!

  24. I have both an Oval XL primo and a extra large BGE. Both are wonderful grills and do a great job. I find myself using the Primo more than the BGE. I will set my primo up to indirect heat on one half and direct on the other. I will cook over the indirect part most of the time and simply slide food over to direct side to char some parts, etc. For long cooks, the holes in the plate at the bottom of the Egg may get clogged but the grate used in the Primo does not.

  25. the egg is the only way to go i haven’t lit another grill since i brought her home.

  26. I have the Primo XL and love it, I would not even consider any another smoker. I have never used a BGE so I can’t really say anything negative about it but I can’t say anything negative about the Primo either.

  27. If you are short on room, check out the Ceramic Grills Stores line of accessories. All kinds of racks for ceramic grills that add multiple levels of cooking area. Cheaper than getting another grill.

  28. Have to agree with the person who posts that his primo won’t hold heat. Bought ours two months ago and it has been a nightmare ever since. Their customer service is horrible as well. Biggest mistake we ever made. Thought we were doing right by buying American made. Nothing but regrets.

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  30. Broilmaster Independence Charcoal Grill is the way to go! Made in the USA best grill ever!

  31. Primo XL is the way to go… Great product, great service, lots of options!! 3 years in I could not be happier

  32. I replaced my Primo XL with a XL Oval after 7 years. XL is same size as BGE. Extra room and ability to separate coals is nice. XL Oval uses more coals and a bit tougher to keep temp down. Unless you often don’t have enough room. Stick with the large round. Need more area. XL oval is very nice

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