Stick A Fork In Fat Man Charlie Weis, He Is Done At Notre Dame

As mentioned on Dreadnaught here, here, here, here, and here, Charlie Weis must be fired.  Charlie lost today to UConn.  Yes, he lost to Navy and UConn in the same year.  Charlie, what happened to the the “decided schematic advantage“?

Wait, maybe you were misquoted.  You intended to say that with you as head coach, Notre Dame would have a “decided schematic disadvantage.”  That is what they have.  Take your cash, your FUPA, your barely-.500 winning percentage,  and your condescending attitude and go back to Jersey.  You are a joke!

yojoe out

4 Responses

  1. […] record has most insisting it is time for Charlie Weis to be dismissed with some using the turkey day analogy to make their point. Amidst the great debate as to whether Weis should be fired, it is interesting […]

  2. This Charlie Weis is a good man.Why do all of you hate him? Is it because he is moral and good or because you are jealous of his ability? many say -hey if there were a few more protestants on the team they would be better–I say No! WE are good with our papists and non believers!

    Charlie deserves your respect and one more year!!

  3. ..]another interesting source of tips on this subjectis ,,..]

  4. […] colleges are supposed to do, graduate young adults. I understand now why those who would want to stick a fork into the guy had no problems doing […]

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