Mr. Rod Luck of KUSI

Traveling back to San Diego brings a pleasant reminder of life by the sea: Mr. Rod Luck Mr. Luck works for a local news station in San Diego.
Rod Luck

This is the guy who learns ballet, visits local restaurants for a free meal, flirts with the octogenarians at the opening of a new drug store, plays with dogs, and generally raises the cheddar level of the greater San Diego area. He is never seen without his sunglasses, multiple bracelets, extremely-white teeth, chest mane, and overly-moussed hair. And, the guy’s name is “Rod Luck.” Only in local news and the adult industry would this be an appropriate name. If you are ever in San Diego, do yourself a favor and tune in to KUSI.


2 Responses

  1. Hey idiot – that’s his real name

  2. Mary –
    I never wrote that Rod Luck was not his real name. I just stated that that name belongs in the adult industry. Also, he is wearing blue sunglasses and I am the idiot?

    Thank you for the comment.


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