Joker Update: Pictures and Video From The Dark Knight

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This is an update of an earlier post and gives more information about Heath Ledger playing the Joker in Summer 2008.The Dark Knight

The film draws from The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller. In The Dark Knight, Batman joins Jim Gordon and Harvey dent to fight orginized crime in the streets of Gotham. The partnership, however, pleads to the rise of a new criminal known as “The Joker.” The film will be directed by Christopher Nolan, who directed Batman Begins in 2005.

Filming is ongoing, including explosions, for The Dark Knight. If The Dark Knight is anything like Batman Begins, it will confirm that the Batman franchise is here to stay.

The Dark KnightThe Dark KnightThe Dark KnightTDK 2

More photographs –

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight


The Dark Knight




The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight



13 Responses

  1. i love this movie cant wait till it comes out

  2. Thanks for the pics. They revealed a lot.

  3. God, Heath looks terrible, and I don’t mean that in a good way. Save for the dirt (or dye), his hair looks too much like his Casanova do. And I really don’t like how his grin is natural with the smile painted on his cheeks. They should have put in some effort to peel his lips back or use a modified prosthesis (like Conrad Veidt in “The Man Who Laughs”) or….something! I mean, we’re in the 21st century and we can’t give him the scary, freakish grin that says “Do Not Approach” as in the comics?

    The more pictures I see, the more disappointed I am in this film.

  4. this one looks more “grimm” than the previous, ‘Batman Begins’

  5. I love the new Joker. The makeup shows his complete derangement, not to mention his face is totally scarred which enhances the overall insidiousness of his appearance. It wouldn’t be as much fun or unique if they just copied the prosthetic, eternally-smiling Jack Nicholson Joker.

  6. hey everybody who reads this. is joker going to have that absolutely terrifying look? because i have seen photos that kind of look like this one but idk. it could of just been photoshoped. but will some one tell me if hes going to have that dark look. some one tell me, send it to my yahoo account.

  7. I like the new (possibly self inflicted) look of the Joker. I still hope that the scarring shows a little more on screen though. But really it will all come down to how well Ledger plays the part. If the tone is right it should work brilliantly, and judging by Batman Begins were in for a treat!

  8. heath looks pretty damn gay…..they shudda had jack nicholison back for this god dman role

  9. damn*

  10. Thank you very much.

  11. I disagree with mike, the joker does not need prosthetics. They pulled that one in the original batman movie with michael keaton and need I remind you how horrible that depiction of Joker was? The joker always has a devilish grin, I will agree, but he also has the ability to frown and make other emotions with his mouth, so using prosthetics is just dumb. I think its alright to trust Christopher Nolan on this movie, I mean after all I had no faith in Batman Begins and when I finally saw it I went back to the theater the next night to see it again I thought it was so good. And besides, where they may fail on Joker’s looks, Heath will make up for with his acting…I mean, did you even bother to watch the trailer???

  12. Quite possibly during the filming on TDN Ledger was at his self destrutive worst, and that should trandsend to the film, too bad he couldn’t turn it off after completion, the new Joker look seems adecuate a scared lunatic who puts on makeup in order to hide them, but is deeply disturbed and psychologically un-sound also hell vended on revenge for what ever cause his pathology.
    hopefully it has a gripping story to match the colorfull characters…

  13. Well, that’s certainly iteirnsteng! I would never have caught that – the man in the plaid shirt standing nearby. hmmm Very curious! A plaid shirt would be an ‘indicator’. Yes, very iteirnsteng.

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