Notre Dame Decides on Punishment for Quarterback Demetrious Jones: Make Him Keep His Scholarship

Before Notre Dame traveled to Ann Arbor for a crushing defeat buy the Wolverines, quarterback Demetrius Jones packed his trash and transferred to Northern Illinois. Jones had been the starting quarterback for the Irish two weeks earlier against Georgia Tech. Now Notre Dame is refusing to release Jones from his scholarship, because his departure was not “handled appropriately.”

It is embarrassing to have a member of your team leave, but get some perspective. Is Notre Dame now trying to punish college athletes by giving them scholarships? Face it Irish, he does not want to play for your team. Move on. Acting like a petulant teenage boy refusing to recognize that his first girlfriend just broke up with him does not help the situation.

You did not see USC stomping its feet and whining about Emmanuel Moody leaving. Coach Carroll just wished him luck. “Guys come here and know they’ll play. If they lose that feeling, they’re not going to fit. (Moody) didn’t leave here disgruntled — he’s a great kid.”

yojoe Fight On!

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