Michael Vick Update: Guilty Pleas and 63-Billion-Dollar Lawsuit

Two of Michael Vick’s co-defendants will plead guilty on Friday, 17AUG07. Purnell Pace and Quanis Phillips are scheduled to enter guilty pleas in federal court for their involvement in the dog-fighting conspiracy that Michael Vick is alleged to be involved in. Another, co-defendant has previously pleaded guilty.

As the number of associates of Bad Newz Kennels who are accepting plea agreements increases, the outlook for Vick becomes more bleak. A spokesman for Vick said he has not made a decision about entering into a possible plea bargain. Mr. Vick could face 6 years in prison and a fine of $350,000.

This is all in addition to the civil suit filed by Jonathan Lee Riches© against Mr. Vick, wherein, Vick is accused of larceny, identity theft, and subjecting Mr. Riches© to microwave testing. Mr. Riches© is seeking 63 billion dollars. This is not the first lawsuit filed by Mr. Riches©.


3 Responses

  1. man i feel this shit is getting out of hand. you have people doing this type of thing everyday and just because a young NFL quarterback messes up one time his whole life should be messed up. the kid is young i dont know why people think professional athletes or immortal there people just like we are . so yes their going to fuck up here and there you know why because their human. i feel this shit is getting blowed out of porportion. give the guy a fine and let him play man. do you know how many kids look up to this guy they dont care about what we’re talking bout all they see is this amazin dude on the field that does all these spectacular things with football and they want to be just like him and can you imagine how many kids role model this guy is

  2. The case just won’t die, today Riches has appealed this case to the US Court of Appeals 4th Circuit(http://casedocs.justia.com/virginia/vaedce/3:2007cv00434/219999/7/0.pdf)

    The court has transmitted the documents to the court of appeals (http://casedocs.justia.com/virginia/vaedce/3:2007cv00434/219999/9/0.pdf)

  3. Mr.Vick problems compounded and spiraled out of controil due to his failure to sever ties with his “bad newz” associates.

    Criminal behavior and mindset is only a game of chance–sometimes we lose and other times we win. If you don’t have the time’ don’t commit the crime!

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